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I blame this game for giving me extremely unrealistic standards regarding what Dungeons and Dragons would actually turn out to be. As a kid, I played the Tower of Doom arcade machine a time or two, so I figured "Oh, Elf and Dwarf are their own thing, fighters can do wacky combo stuff and launch people into the air, there's a ton of combat, you level up by finding money? That's kind of an economic parody... this is really cool!"

Unfortunately that's D&D first edition. By the time I got to it, D&D was no longer about fighters beating the hell out of things, but was instead about mages and clerics being unstoppable monsters of magical doom. And you have not heard insufferable until you've heard some magical asshole describe all the ways his character is better than yours.

That said, the gnolls in this game have long created an unrealistic expectation in me that pixel-art furries would be SUPER ATTRACTIVE so y'know whatever.

I'm just happy to be here.


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