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I feel like most of my engagement with Off-Peak was based in fascinated staring, and the rest of my engagement was based on trying to figure out what board games the dudes in the beer garden were playing.

Off-Peak is an interesting, surreal little wandering game. You're ... someone. You've arrived at a train station. You're going somewhere, but you don't have a ticket. One of your friends has a ticket for you, but it was torn up and scattered around the station. Go assemble it.

What this game reminds me of is those... early-90s sorts of Multimedia Experiences, where you get some music and some surreal animation and a big space to wander around in, and eventually you have to decide how Peter Gabriel feels about sex. (Spoiler: I believe he's in favor of it.)

Obviously there's a lot less of that HERE, in Off-Peak, the game I am talking about. But it's a free hour-long game where you explore a very interesting building and talk to some very strange people and nod thoughtfully and make mental connections and eventually find your damn ticket and leave.

You can leave directly to the sequel, "The Norwood Suite", which was given to me as a present and which I will be playing presently. I expect basically more of the same, from everything I've heard.


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