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This is primarily a game (well, series of games) of style over substance, and how much the style charms you will mitigate how much the substance frustrates you. The style really is quite charming, a silly little cartoon-y journey through gorgeous alien-esqe landscapes.

The substance really is quite frustrating, as the puzzle design is Flash-game mid-2000s "click on all the things and hope you can intuit the author's train of thought via your latent powers of puzzlemancy". Whether you connect with it or run screaming for a walkthrough relies entirely on whether you can identify all the hotspots on the screen and/or what the timing for them ought to be.

My limit was hit on the very last puzzle of Samorost 2, which is a puzzle tied to animation that demands you walk up a very large hill and re-collect enough resources to do the puzzle a second (third fourth fifth) time once you've failed your one shot at it.

I don't like that design.
It sucks.

Very stylish though.

Date: 2018-05-27 08:05 pm (UTC)
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"Puzzles that look Like That" is basically Amanita Design's entire, er, design. Pretty much the closest they've ever come to breaking the mold was Machinarium, which was a walk around Adventure Game that looked Like That, rather than a stationary thing-clicker that looked Like That.

I am one of those people who like the style enough that I like the games overall, of course.
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