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After spending a bunch of time with a AAA Sega game I figured I'd get back to my roots and play a slightly cheeseball FMV point and click adventure.

Because honestly that's something I WANT out of gaming. And Contradiction delivered... most of what I wanted. Detective Inspector Jenks, a man who does enough acting with his eyebrows to overwhelm four equally-sized actors of lesser value, has a time limit of one day to determine if a suicide was REALLY a suicide or perhaps ... MURDER??? and so he sets about terrorizing a small town with relentless Columbo-esqe questioning.

The mystery ... is not satisfactorily wrapped up, really. Or should I say, you spend most of your time investigating one thing and suddenly another element pops up and that's what solves the case, and then Jenks goes "Wow that other shit was WILD huh, what about that stuff? I guess we'll have to check it out some other time!" and the game hits you up for crowdfunding to make a second one.

I make it sound like a letdown, but I wasn't let down. They very clearly TRIED with this one but ran out of funds a mile from the marathon finish, so they quickly reclassified the race as a sprint and jogged over the new finish line. If there's ever a sequel, I hope they can get everybody back.

Date: 2018-05-16 03:09 pm (UTC)
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The eyebrows speak to me. Looks like a enjoy-the-ride experience, which I am all for.


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