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I've been working a little at a time on a very long game on the new Switch, but I still need things to do when I can't be doing that, so I pulled this small adventure game made in Ren'Py up. Kitten adventures in city park is a game designed for kitten-aged people (ages three and up), and since I am very slightly older than that I figured I'd have a shot.

First things first: I swapped the voice acting from English to Russian quite quickly. The English voice acting is a little difficult to listen to. The Russian voice acting is higher and sweeter and easier on my personal set of ears.

The idea is that you're the kitten to a rather forgetful young lady who left her belongings strewn all over the city park she played at yesterday. You go out, you find a lost belonging, you bring it home, you get hugs, and she notices the next missing thing. Repeat until credits.

The charm of this game is the voicework, the music, and the art. The art is endearingly childish and goofy, with lots of squiggly lines and carefully-drawn sloppiness. It takes a degree of talent to pretend your art is a mess but still have it convey the visual sense of a place. This succeeds. You can click on things to hear them described. You can get hints with the ? button that hovers above you.

The whole routine took me ten minutes. They were ten well-spent minutes.

The game itself is free, but if you like, you can spend five dollars on a pack of art and music, as well as a video of the developer walking around the real-life park in question while wearing a pair of deely-boppers. The value of such a production is left to the reader to determine.

I'm rather tempted.

Date: 2018-03-30 02:35 pm (UTC)
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It utterly delights me that anyone else I know actually got into this, and delights me even more that they actually enjoyed it.

Kitten adventures was my ultimate "It looks cute and about ten minutes long and it's literally free so what the heck" acquisition. I only felt a little guilty-pleasure about playing this game that obviously must have given Steam the impression that I have a four-year-old daughter, but... you know... it's nice. It's cute, it's bright and happy and feel-good, the artwork is charming, and I too am sorely tempted to support the dev with the bonus pack.

It was also one of the ultimate "As you can see, the Games Celine Plays list is full of complete bullshit" examples, though, so I have to admit I'm actually feeling a bit of relief that anyone else I know went through this and confirmed no really it really is cute and good.

Edit: My take if anyone here hadn't seen it, but it's basically the same review. We even make the same points but Xyzzy makes them more (though I have some links in mine at least), which is an interesting reversal.
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