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So what got me buying the Secret of Mana remake, anyway?

Well, I was playing Adventures of Mana. It's a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure with 3D-er graphics, or put another way it's a remake of Sword of Mana without so much plot and writing in it.

You, a spikey-haired polygonal boy who looks like Fighter from Final Fantasy 1, must save kind of a tissue paper of a girl from the dangerous forces of the Dark Lord Darklord. ... Yes, it's that kind of game. There's a lot of dungeon-hacking and a lot of world exploration around a tile-based landscape and yes I got EXTREMELY lost and wound up 10 levels over the curve by endgame.

This one's notable to me for having really cute monster designs (mostly) and for being a localization credit for Michael Christopher Koji Fox, who I know for his job writing billions of puns for Final Fantasy XIV.

All in all, I had a good time with this. Old-school ARPG gameplay is often hit or miss, but I seem to be craving it lately. Between Crystalis and Adventures of Mana, I've really been mopping up the hack-and-slashers.


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