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2017-09-23 10:59 pm

Recordkeeping: The Room 2 COMPLETE

Between ESO sessions (I have drawn in the BF and a couple other people I know because ESO is on sale in the Humble Store sale, ahaha help) I decided to play this little puzzle-box of a thing. I played the first a while back.

It's... less a "The Room" and more "The Rooms" this time. Lots of jumping between areas, with multiple interactable objects in them. Aside from that, still a puzzle box/boxes, still a good time.

This one took an hour longer than the previous one. Thumbs up.
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2017-09-22 04:30 am

Recordkeeping: Elder Scrolls Online - ONGOING

I believe the ancient words of invocation are: "Forgive me, I'm back on my bullshit again."

Okay so... There's a handful of reasons why I'm playing Elder Scrolls Online instead of hopping straight to another single player game. In the interests of appeasing that voice in the back of my mind that's been going "You should actually do things that mean progress instead of playing an MMO!", I've decided to lay them out.

To start with, I own the thing. A while back I picked up the "Gold" collection for $20, which included the base game and four of the DLC extra areas, relating to the Thieves' Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Orsinium (Orc-yland) and Imperial City (which is a PVP-y zone I think).

It's a good thing I did, because my current character, the Argonian/lizardlady "Mottlescale" is going heavy on the thieving and is hanging around the orcish homeland doing their quests to help them rebuild their ancestral city and get a new king on the throne. ... Well, really I've mosly been romping all over their part of the continent and doing whatever catches my eye.

A couple of years back that wouldn't have been possible. ESO is in a really good place right now as far as solo content goes, because the list of solo content right now includes everything except certain group-forced dungeons/raids/PVP, and the level range you can do these things at is "Whatever, just show up". A bit ago they rolled out the "One Tamriel" update that basically means you can fuck off into the wilderness and do whatever you want instead of riding the zone-by-zone quest express.

This is both great and kind of nerve-wracking to me, because I usually rely on the zone-by-zone express to know that I'm doing the right things at the right time and not missing anything. It feels very odd to admit that I've been craving feedback to know that I'm not messing everything up with my character and gear and whatnot. It's also been nice because I can hyperfocus on this one zone and doing everything in it, and the game's just like "Okay, all of it scales to you, have fun."

There ARE exceptions. I wandered into something called a "Public Dungeon" once and got pasted by a solid wall of enemies (maybe if I were AoE-built I could've handled that?) and I learned swiftly that the skull-and-crossbones map marker means "World Boss, tuned for like three dozen people, do not go say hello".

For the most part, though... exploring around lazily at my own pace has been pretty great, and it doesn't require any other people involved. It feels less like an MMO and more like a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game, and I guess if I wanted to hop into a dungeon I could... but I still don't understand my character's build so why would I? I'm doing all right by myself, and I kind of want to make a catperson alt to try out being a Sorcerer. Oh, and I need the cat to make furniture for the house I'm gonna get in Morrowind.

Because I'm gonna buy the Morrowind expansion.

Because I am firmly back on this bullshit again.

Forgive me.
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2017-09-19 08:25 pm

Recordkeeping: Kirby's Dream Land COMPLETE

Remember when I bought a big disc of a buncha Kirby games? I needed something fluffy after Nier Automata, so that came out and I started playing.

Kirby's Dream Land, being a Game Boy game, takes about an hour start to finish. It's pretty good though. There's a lot of personality (Kirby totally derailed my train of thought when I paused and he started doing stretches while the rest of the game was frozen), it's just a fun and gentle game.

I unlocked an "Extra Mode" by beating it but I dunno if I'm gonna do that. I already had a tough time against King Dedede, or King Desmond Difficultyspike Duck as I refer to him.

Mostly it's weird seeing all the pieces of what I know comes together. This enemy uses a beam attack, but you can't copy it yet. That's not gonna happen for a few years. Come back later.

My only problem is that now that I've beaten the game, when I try to access it again from the Dream Collection menu, it's stuck on the ending screen that tells you how to open Extra Mode. Uhm.

...hopefully I'll work that out in the future.
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2017-09-19 03:15 pm

Dream of Last Night - No Cartoon Atoll

It is of course a well-known fact that if you establish a residence near an existing cartoon, there's the exciting chance of being allowed to guest-cameo on said 'toon and perhaps eventually get a spinoff show of your own. This is why Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, and Taz-Mania had so many characters: Taz alone had at least a dozen close neighbors in proximity and guests kept cropping up.

I was therefore on a boat, sailing down a string of islands looking for a house to call my own that bordered tight on an existing 'toon. Except Cartoon Network had been through, so all of the good locations had already been taken, used, and canceled. Which was really irritating, because I'd swing the boat towards a nice looking place and oops no wait that's where Sheep in the Big City lives, they're in retirement and nobody's gonna produce a cartoon on top of that anymore.

No particular ending to that dream, it sort of dissolved into a mess of "Hey, remember the Kung Fu Creatures gag from Garfield and Friends?" and ... then I woke up, because leg cramp.

Wonder where all the new cartoons live. Maybe there's a Netflix Apartments I should try to sneak into, next dream.
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2017-09-18 10:21 am

Recordkeeping: Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth COMPLETE

Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth is one of those sprawling multiple-route otome ("man-dating") visual novels. They gave this one away for the Vita on Playstation Plus (uhm-?) months ago and I was playing it quite avidly ... sometime in January? I remember it was before we moved to this current apartment...

VNs live and die based on their characterizations and storylines, and... this one is pretty strong. It helped a lot that instead of a sort of "Your Character Here" main character, we got Cardia. Cardia is a girl who lives alone in a run-down mansion because she is literally straight-up acidic poison to anyone she touches. Like her actual touch melts through metal kind of acid.

For the first chapter or two she's rather passive and moody, but around Chapter 3 (of 13 per route) she gets a change of outfits and she starts actively participating in things.

From there she goes straight-up action heroine in a couple of routes. Lock Cardia in a room and leave her unattended? She'll melt off the lock and kick the door down. Door is treated alchemically to be unmeltable? She's learned to lockpick from Arsene Lupin. Turn your back on her? She knows kung-fu. She can co-pilot an airship and she's never really treated like the group's waif. Everyone treats her like the person she wants to be, instead of the monster she thinks herself to be.

I found Cardia deeply refreshing and she's maybe my favorite character in this thing, which is great because no matter which guy's route she was on I was cheering for her happiness, instead of thinking "Man I wish I was on that other dude's route, he was so much better".

There was a little of that though. 8 of those chapters are identical aside from the "Today I want to go with (GUY YOU ARE PURSUING)"/"I think (GUY YOU ARE PURSUING) has the best suggestion" forks, so you get a long common route to introduce and set up everyone and then it goes into personal stories.

Uh, let's meet our lineup.

ARSINE LUPIN - Gentleman thief, the first guy to be introduced and the last one to unlock a proper plotline. Lupin's route is tough because it has to be a strong canonical ending AND resolve every loose plot thread involving Lupin AND resolve all Cardia's business AND because it's the final route unlocked it has to deal with the shit that came up in everyone ELSE'S route, so there is SURPRISINGLY little time for actual LUPIN in the Lupin route, so the WEIRD thing is that Lupin on this route path actually feels like he has less personality than he does on OTHER PEOPLE'S. I cannot account for that. Whatever. Lupin is all bluster and pride and thiefly ways.

IMPEY BARBICANE - Engineer of hearts and also steamships, ornithopters, secret weapons, you name it he can build it. Impey is Lupin's partner and an incurable romantic who swoons over Cardia at first sight and spends the rest of the VN either A: flirting with her desperately, B: being the butt of everyone else's jokes, or... interestingly, C: once you're locked into other people's routes and it's clear he has no chance with you Impey pivots and becomes the loudest possible cheerleader for Cardia and her chosen. His route is all about Jules Verne SUPERSCIENCE and AIRSHIPS and CHASING YOUR DREAMS and MAKING FUN of CAPTAIN NEMO. He's the light and fluffy character and probably my favorite of the entire crew. I like Impey.

ABRAHAM VAN HELSING - The guy who wears little glasses and goes "Hmf." a lot and is scary-ass prepared in combat. Hero of the Vampire Wars, wields twin shotguns, is basically a weapon in human form. It's hard to warm up to Van Helsing because he does not warm up to anyone else, but there are hints he cares. I think one of his unlockable CG illustrations is just him doing a tiny-ass little smile. His route is all about his PTSD over vampire genocide and also about stopping Jack the Ripper and other serial killers from terrorizing Steampunk London, so hey if you like lots of blood BOY HOWDY we got a route for you.

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN - Yeah I know, but this one's just an Alchemist. No giant corpse-men in sight. Frankenstein is the shy dude with a soft voice and a soft touch and a DARK SECRET IN HIS PAST and yeah that's an archetype. He is probably my second favorite character in this thing. His route is about his DARK SECRET PAST and also about Queen Victoria going completely bugnuts and trying to start a megawar for British expansion. As one does.

SAINT GERMAINE - nnnnnhhhhh I just did not like this dude that much. He's the "always has his eyes closed, always has a little smile, is fake as hell" archetype and when his secrets start spilling out they just DERAIL this plot into a spiral of "What the hell. Really. What the hell. Why. Really?" ... so I can't say anything about his route because it's just... so many miles out into left field that it makes this sound like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DAMN GAME. And Lupin's route cements that yeah all of that is canon so ... nnhhhhhh I dunno whatever.

ANYWAY I really got into this one even if it did take me the better part of the year to complete. Distractions and all, y'know. I realize all that crap up there doesn't make a lick of sense without the game, but I'm half-asleep and have been plinking at this all night so ... butt noises whatever I'm done writing.

Good VN. Had fun.

[EDIT] - Oh right also this is getting an anime adaptation this October! I hear otome VN anime adaptations are kind of ass most of the time, because A: It's hard to compress five routes into 12 episodes and B: in a visual novel your heroine can stand at a window and monologue to herself in 69,105 lines of text about her situation but in an anime you have to trim that down to her eyes half-closing as she says "I wonder..." and then smashcut to end credits.

But there is the chance we will see an animated version of the Van Helsing Cannon.

So it may not be any good but I'm gonna watch it anyway.
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2017-09-15 08:24 pm

Recordkeeping: Nier Automata COMPLETE

If I talk too much about Nier Automata, I will inevitably convulse violently and let out a stream of raw emotions peppered with giant-ass spoilers. It is a difficult game to talk about, but it's a difficult game NOT to talk about.


Nier, the original, may be what I consider the strongest game ever made. Not the best or most fun or anything like that, although it DOES have one of the best soundtracks in gaming. I mean it overwhelmed me with emotions and feelings and all kinds of things. It is the 'most game' in my personal history. The gamest.

Nier Automata is not better than Nier, or stronger, or more fun. It is different in many ways and similar in many ways, and by the time I was up to the second ending I liked Nier more, and by the time I was finishing ending E I was in big blanketing sheets of tears and my hands were shaking and I was just so intensely, powerfully grateful that I live in a time when games like this are being made.

I don't know if I will ever play it again, but it affected me deeply and will stay in my memories a long, long time. In this it is like the game that came before it.

It is something very special.

I hope they keep giving Yoko Taro work.
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2017-09-11 02:26 am

Anime Night Notes

So because I'm playing kind of a rough game (Nier Automata, a game about pushing all your emotions into a pile and setting them on fire) and the BF's been distant since we spend most of our time in separate rooms (not purposely, it's just how the apartment is laid out) we've decided to set at least one night aside a week to sit out in the living room and watch some anime.

I don't watch a lot of it anymore because I'm usually too busy with games, so I picked some stuff off Crunchyroll to make a queue with and off we went.

We have some stuff already in the queue...

- Log Horizon
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
- Maoyu
- Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2
- Ace Attorney: The Anime

but we decided to go for a run of all episode 1s this time. I've jotted down my thoughts on what we watched beneath the cut.

This cut here. )

So it turns out everything we picked was a success! Now we just have to get back into the other shows we were watching, too.
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2017-09-09 03:11 am

Recordkeeping: Starcrawlers COMPLETE

By the end this got a little tedious, but then it was a very long dungeon crawler. Before I started playing this I noticed that the BF had racked up about 90-some hours by playing the Early Access version. (I won't play an early access game no matter how good it is, if I can help it.) That should've been my clue that this was going to be A: pretty long, and B: pretty good.

It was both, really. Amusing writing, good mechanics, strong clear interface. I haven't played a dungeon crawler this sharp since Etrian Odyssey Untold, although that was a rather harder game.

Actually, this one started out quite difficult (I assume because of my class choices, I picked four of the eight in-game classes and stuck with them) and got easier. By the endgame I was basically untouchable due to my build and weapons. When I said in the comments of the last post that there was a scarcity of healing... well, my builds were kinda messed up I suppose. There ARE ways to heal and regen if you ferret them out. My Soldier was regenning big chunks of her health every time she taunted enemies, and The Prototype was tossing out regens with haiku, and my little Chaos Muffin's armor had a "heal if you..." condition that I kept triggering...

I just had a really good time with this one, good enough that I kind of want to go through again with a party composed of the OTHER four classes someday.

Not right now, but someday.
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2017-09-06 10:51 am

Let's Mid-Season Power-Up By Finding New Guns in A Box! - Starcrawlers ONGOING

What do you get if you cross the Dirty Pair, Gall Force, Wizardry, and Shadowrun?

Apparently you get my Starcrawlers campaign.

Starcrawlers is a mostly-randomly-generated (the story missions are fixed) sci-fi dungeon crawl game. Your team of four disenfranchised mercenaries for hire get wrapped up in a tale of political and corporate manuevering. They also shoot a lot of space pirates on board ships and shoot a lot of security robots in corp office buildings.

It's not ALL shooting. For example, my engineer carries a sledgehammer.

Really though, the turning point for THIS run of the game came before I started, when I decided that I was not going to take this overly seriously. To aid in my quest to not take this game seriously, I yoinked an anime picture pack off ye internet, because nothing says unserious like adorable anime girls with heavy weaponry.

(I gotta be 100% honest: Yes. I looked for furry art FIRST.)

Armed with stolen anime and my own dumb dumb dumb sense of humor, I rolled some characters. Let's meet the team.
Cut in case you don't care about my dumb anime fanfiction. )
So that's the team. Lunatics fighting for the right to be free of corporate control but also to shop at Galaxymart for all your shopping needs, to rid space of the yolks of biopharma corps but also to get nifty tote bags when they donate to that animal rights group that runs all those ads, to stop oppression in space but also for free concert tickets and an autographed poster with every few missions they run for that social media site.

They really need a Megumi Hayashiba theme song is all I'm saying..
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2017-09-03 01:47 pm

Recordkeeping: Kero Blaster COMPLETE mostly

Kero Blaster is a game where you are a frog (Kero) and you have a Blaster (gun). You work for the Cat & Frog company. You are the custodian.

An infestation of something called Negativus Legatia described offhanded by an NPC as "pieces of your past that have been cast off" is clogging up the servers. Your job is to take your blaster and go shoot it all until there isn't any more.

Negativus Legatia can't be all bad, or the boss wouldn't be keeping one in a tank in her office, would she? ... Right?

Anyway the story is a little vague in places but it's okay. Game plots don't always have to be ABOUT things. You're a frog, you can get a flamethrower. Aim it at enemies and squeeze B and let the problems fwoosh away.

Then when you beat it, you unlock Overtime (Hard) Mode, with a different story and heavily remixed levels. Unfortunately I made the mistake of trying Hard Mode and woke up fifteen minutes later in a ditch next to Interstate 95 with a note in my hands thanking me for the organs.

I'm just not a "hard mode" kind of player. Oh well, I saw credits, I declare this game complete and a good time.

(this game was donated kindly by SilverStar, a dragon of my fond acquaintance. Thank you, a dragon.)
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2017-09-02 02:46 pm

Recordkeeping: Cornerstone - The Song of Tyrim INCOMPLETE

"It's like Wind Waker meets Dark Souls!" was the pitch, apparently. I don't know why anyone would think that was a good idea but yes okay let's pretend these two things are tonally close enough that we can work with that.

It's not. If by "like Dark Souls" you mean circle-strafing around an enemy, okay. If you mean you have a stamina bar, okay. But Dark Souls rewarded you for mastering its combat. If you rolled behind an enemy you could backstab for great damage, or parry with a shield, or pull off any number of little tricks of mastery that let you have an advantage. If you're standing behind someone in Cornerstone you can whack them repeatedly until your stamina runs out, and then they turn around.


Zelda-style exploration, but everything has physics weight! Oh god no, when I roll into a box and the box rolls on top of me and then I get stuck and pop three feet straight up in the air for no reason and take falling damage it does not encourage me to explore the physics interactions. It encourages me to go out of my way to be sure more physics STOPS HAPPENING.

Everyone in this game talks like they think they're very clever. They aren't. Going into a long detailed in-world explanation of a thing, having my character ask "What?" and then going "IT'S A VIDEO GAME THING BECAUSE THIS IS A VIDEO GAME DURR" is only funny like once, maybe twice tops. More and you're pushing it.

Crafting. Let's craft boxes to use as platforms for awkward chunky physics-jumping. Let's craft sticks and sticks and more sticks.

Awkward, slow, painful combat.

The dawning realization that there's like six islands of this to "look forward" to.

No. God, no, I'm sorry. I don't want this. I know for a fact that it came in a bundle, so I paid maybe $5 tops for it. The store page says $20.

Twenty dollars. I cannot imagine how utterly affronted and pissed off I would be if I'd paid $20 for this. I realize that the frequent sales and lowering prices of games devalues the entire medium to some extent, but...

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2017-08-31 08:51 am

Recordkeeping: Stories - The Path of Destinies COMPLETE

This took me about nine hours and I enjoyed the game for about half that. I want to put that right up front.

Stories is the tale of Reynardo the fox, a swashbuckling antihero/rogue of the Resistance against the Empire. He comes into possession of a magical book, one which shows him a variety of futures he might possibly have. The flow of the game is this: Do an action/combat level where you explore and swordfight some enemies, then get a choice.

Should Reynaldo do this seemingly reasonable thing or this seemingly reasonable thing? Should he go to the mountains or back to the rebel base? Should he do research or charge in blindly and impulsively?

Doesn't matter, you die. There are 25 "proper" endings in Stories and 24 of them are "Well, you did a thing but then you died because you did it. But you MAY have learned one of four Truths about the situation, which will let you get the 25th Real Ending."

(The Real/Hero Ending is actually slightly worse-feeling than some of the failure endings, except for the part where Reynardo survives. I guess that is the difference, but if you're going to have a One True Ending scenario I'd really like it to feel a little more narratively satisfying than THAT.)

I say "proper" endings because sometimes, particularly on the route to the "True" ending, the game will decide "Nah, that choice didn't look any dumber than anything else you've done, but game over. Start the level over." THIS feels like flagrant bullshit and I do not say that often about a game. In a game about making choices and seeing the results, having the occasional choice that forces you to replay a level you've already replayed a half-dozen times to get there is absolutely infuriating.


There are also upgrades and such, but I had all of the sword upgrades filled out by my fifth ending, all of the combat upgrades that mattered to me by the sixth and I got ... I think nine total endings before I had enough to take the final "true" route. So that's ten loops through the game and I was already sick of it, I can't imagine running down every single branch. I would viciously hate this game by the end of that. The narrator's handful of unskippable lines already grate on me.

I've been trying to think of how I would fix Stories, and honestly I don't know if it really needs fixing. I didn't like playing the same handful of levels over and over again as I ran through the tree of options, but that doesn't invalidate what it's trying to do. If anything I feel it held back on its ambition a little much. One more upgrade tier of weapon to work towards, or a "start from [X] branch" option on the menu, or something and it would've been fine. As it is, I don't know if I can recommend this one.
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2017-08-29 03:43 am

Pokemon Omega Ruby Episode FINALE - Where No Trainer Has Gone Before

I'm sorry, I sort of left that on a cliffhanger. Been off reading comics/manga.

(Osamu Tezuka's "Princess Knight", which was fantastic and weird and showed me why Tezuka is considered so good, and Don Rosa's "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" and its Companion, which I makes me feel I really need to read the Carl Barks stories now... actually, let me nip off to the other tab and just put a hold on one of those collected volumes...)

Right. Last time, Zinnia had challenged Lime and company to come up with another, better way to save the world from meteoric disaster, because using the dimensional warp strategy we could accidentally destroy another planet, somewhere/when else among the dimensions.

I promise you we are still playing Pokemon.
So let's play some Pokemon. )

So there's battle islands to win and legendaries to catch, pokedexes to fill out, optional battles and challenges and collectables, routes we've never been to...

For the most part, however, with a save time clocked of 144 hours, we can lay Pokemon Omega Ruby to rest. If you want to imagine Lime's future plans, they look like long lazy days stretched into the future. Studying Pokemon harder than every before (she's an official Lorekeeper now, after all), digging deep into the corners of the world via land, sea, or air.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me, as always. It was a pleasure to have you along and I hope you enjoyed yourselves along the way.
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2017-08-23 01:11 am

Pokemon Omega Ruby Episode 16 - Variable Changes

Last time on Omega Ruby we met someone who wandered in from a different game entirely and brought her theme music with her. I'm pretty sure she's from like Wild ARMs or something.

Oh also all life on the planet is going to die because space meteor.

...d'you ever just really envy a fictional world? *sigh* Anyway let's keep going with Omega Ruby's Delta Episode!
We're off to the space center. )
So far I'm finding the Delta Episode... Very strange and strangely written. It's quite a metacommentary on a number of things and I may have more to say once I see how it plays out.

We'll learn that next time.
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2017-08-21 06:25 am

Pokemon Omega Ruby Episode 15 - Delta Vectors

After a bit of a sanity break...

(Hmm? No, I didn't find any.)

...we're back with the postgame of Pokemon Omega Ruby. The Delta Episode is a new add-on to the plot for the Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby games, none of this stuff was in vanilla-flavored Sapphire/Ruby. As such, I'm going into this completely blind.
Join me, won't you? )
With THAT little comedy interlude out of the way, it's time for a break. What revelations will await us at the Space Center?

Heck if I know. We'll find out next time!
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2017-08-17 08:19 pm

Pokemon Omega Ruby Episode 14 - The Elite Four Plus One Run.

Welcome back. Last time we took a deep dive into the closet of various gym leaders and here's where a Wallace joke goes. Now it's time to tromp off to the Elite Four and see what they can throw at us.

First we have to find them.
Actually it's easier than I thought. )

The end?
Not quite.
The credits have ended.
The game has not.

Next time: Pokemon Omega Ruby - The Delta Episode.
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2017-08-15 07:33 pm

SIDEBAR: Ducktales 2017 is GREAT watch it

If you're in the US, Disney XD has put the first two episodes of Ducktales up as one jumbo-sized pilot film. (Well, giant as in 44 minutes, whatever.)

It's really good. Not just from a standpoint where I love cartoons and nostalgia, but ... it feels good in general. They don't go in on "Ha, hey, look how stupid this thing from the previous version of the canon was! Isn't that DUMB?" like some reboots do, they don't make "ironic" mean-spirited jokes. It's just... strong Disney adventure and classic comedy.

I'm really looking forward to having Donald involved in the action. I want to know more about the mysteries in this one. Under the cut I've placed some thoughts and comments.
Spoilers. )

Look, I could quote the pilot all day. I could WATCH it over and over all day. I'm just really enjoying this and really looking forward to more episodes. Cartoons and video games are in an AMAZING place right now. That's something I have to hold on to.
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2017-08-15 04:03 am

Pokemon Omega Ruby Bonus Episode 3 - Bonus Episode 3 - Shower Up And Get Your Gym Clothes On

We over-analyzed the clothing of our main character, rival, and the evil ecoterrorist losers who became our temporary allies.

(Spoiler, I guess, if you haven't read that update yet. Oops.)

I spent a while trying to think of how to build up to this but... Hey! Let's do the gym leaders now. I'm all excited to look at more insane fashion choices. Tallyho!
And away we go! )
Next time, back to the game!
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2017-08-14 01:57 am

Pokemon Omega Ruby Episode 13 - In Which We Save the World Yet Are Still Not King, Somehow

Last time we discovered that maybe activating a giant doombringer pokemon to dry out the world's oceans is ... bad?
Who knew? )
NEXT TIME: Probably a Bonus Episode, then we figure out where "the most remote island in Hoenn" is.
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2017-08-11 01:27 am

Pokemon Omega Ruby Episode 12 - In Which Someone Unexpectedly Attempts To Be A Responsible Adult

If I have one regret so far it's that I didn't purchase Alpha Sapphire, all that time ago when I was shopping for a new Pokemon game. In an alternate universe where life rolled down a different path y'all have been reading like twelve updates full of me dealing with Team Aqua and making "ARRRR IT'S DRIVIN' ME NUTS" jokes every time Archie shows up. I can only imagine such a blessed timeline is a veritable utopia of magical wonderlandness and ... uh, stuff?

I'll be honest with you guys, that first paragraph was 98% written when I desperately needed some sleep, and I'm reluctant to mess with it too much right now because it's kind of gloriously ridiculous. Let's just move on.

Last time Maxie stole a submarine, painted it with googly eyes and sent it out to dig up a landscape-destroying kaiju armed with what may or may not be the wrong mystical dingus to control the thing. Today we are gonna explore the ramifications of that plan, as soon as we find some way to get to the ocean floor and not die/drown. I bet it involves pokemon somehow.

Somewhere, beyond the sea... )
NEXT TIME: We save the damn world. What did you expect?