Jun. 15th, 2017

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A brief overview: Life is Strange is about a photographic wunderkind by the name of Max Caulfield. She discovers the amazing ability to jump back in time, and in just about the same moment sees her former best friend Chloe Price shot and killed by a high-strung rich kid in the ladies room. With a quick hop back in time she saves Chloe's life... and visions show her that in just four days, a tornado of unheard-of size will destroy the town they live in.

The two of them set out to unravel some mysterious goings-on, while talking like they just rolled in from a For Better or For Worse strip.

So there's your summary.

It might be my mistake. It might have been the game's mistake. But there was a heavily flawed assumption somewhere along the chain. I'm going to see if I can trace back to it.
This will involve MASSIVE GAME-RUINING SPOILERS. I am completely serious.
Spoilerspoilerspoiler. )
...and that's why I shouldn't be allowed to have superpowers, to be honest.
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Got this for... free? I think? A Playstation Plus giveaway of some time past. Finally tried it out. Looked okay enough: Young hip triangle-bearded parkour-man gets turned into graffiti by an evil billboard (okay) and ends up in the "Sideway", a graffiti dimension where you move along flat surfaces.

Unfortunately the controls are just... gummy. Any game where I push the jump button and have time to glance down in confusion to make sure I did hit the jump button before my dude is in the air? That's not a good platformer.

Apparently this is four hours long or something but I just don't want it on my plate. Platforming is a genre where your basic skill is JUMPING how do you get jumping WRONG. I can only foresee frustration coming from this. Better to write it off fast.


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