Jun. 13th, 2017

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Well, all of the major companies have broadcast their E3 shows and I livetweeted all of them relentlessly. I wanted to note down the stuff I thought was cool and bad and whatnot though.

We kicked off with Electronic Arts.

EA )

Happily, the Xbox show was more engaging. I think Microsoft turned in one of the strongest showings of the entire run.


Once Microsoft got off stage, it was time for Bethesda.

Bethesda )

Devolver Digital did a weird surreal Adult Swim/Tim and Eric nonshow. Let's skip them. I slept.

After that, though it was time for the PC Gaming Show, aka the CURE FOR INSOMNIA. There was like... nothing much at this show I cared about. Less than EA. There was Battletech, which is cool. There was some shots of lizardmen riding dinosaurs which was hot. But this show was DEAD, and their idea of a good time was showing off a LEVEL EDITOR. At one point the host smiled out into the audience and conversationally said "So this is what it feels like when a career dies." and... yup, dude, sorry. You got a raw-ass deal.

On to Ubisoft!

Ubisoft )

Next there was Sony.

Sony )

FINALLY there was Nintendo. And Nintendo... were Nintendo.

how Nintendo was it? )


It's an AMAZING time to own a PC.
It's an AMAZING time to be a fan of Mario or Metroid.
That's about it. See y'all next year!


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