May. 24th, 2017

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I was going to a furry convention in London for some reason. I needed transportation to the convention but a friend of mine had a car made entirely of pressed wood pulp. Even the windows were finely-pressed sawdust. It was a very orange car.

The convention was a disaster as I had lost my luggage and thus had no money, identification or clothing (which somehow seemed like much less of a problem on the London streets?) but I did find a novel in the back of the car which dealt with time travel. It reminded me that wood pulp is capable of time travel if sprayed down heavily with riboflavin-enhanced orange juice, which explained nicely why the car was so orange.

Instead of stopping myself from going to the convention or other such useful things I instead went to the future and had freeze-dried ice cream, which is the official food of the future. I also got distracted reading the novel and missed my ride back, so I was stuck in 3076, but that was okay because it was just in time for a convention which I could get a ride to in a wood-pulp car, except I had no money, identification, or clothing, but time travel was an option...

At this point it rather dissolves into a muddle of recursion and lights and colors and confusion.


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