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Technically finished this last night, but I was tired enough to just crash nose-first into bed and explode. Now I am reassembled and awake, so:

inFamous 2 is one of those games that seems to have been written to fix most of the problems I had with the first game. Cole is no longer an angry potato, he's a generically chipper and snarky Bald Smirking Video Game Protagonist which I find at least more tolerable. We mix in some weird genetic monsters and ice-power-having bad guys into the blend of "hoodie dudes with rifles" that were the main bad guy in the previous game.

The open-world jumping around improves, the story is a bit less flat and dull, and the introduction of The Beast is kind of excellent. First thing he does is destroy Empire City, so y'know, goodbye all the shit you did in game one. The second thing he does is beat Cole senseless. You escape down south to Mardigrasland Amusement Park (I'm sorry, I can't remember the actual name of the city, it's New Orleans okay?) and the game informs you solemnly that THE BEAST IS 1800 MILES AWAY.

From then on, every time you pause the game, it shows you the map where the Beast is charring a gouge in the landscape, a smoky charcoal trench that sweeps down the east coast and out to where you are. It's beautiful.

...except then THE BEAST HAS REACHED GAMEPLAY CITYLAND and -- uh you just kinda... sidequest it away for a few hours so the plot can finish dealing with the local villains and ugh no.

Pacing, damnit. The open-world stuff did them no favors there. It felt like it was supposed to be a REALLY BIG DEAL but if it was actually really big deal you couldn't freeroam anymore and players might COMPLAIN, sooooo...

Mh. What else. I really liked Agent Lucy Kuo, NSA. She gets super-powers in a somewhat traumatic experience and the moment she realizes she has ice powers she nips off a while and comes back with her black hair dyed a frosty dark-blue, icy makeup on and a black top with sparkles and a snowflake on it. Yeah it's kind of pandering but if I ever got elemental-themed superpowers I would thrift-shop my ass to a matching outfit as priority one.

There are some things in life you just DO, okay, and if you're gonna have powers here today you NEED A THEMATIC OUTFIT or I'm sorry, I just don't want to interact with you? Like Cole is still in a workout t-shirt and some pants that vaguely SUGGEST lightning with a pattern and that is like the exact minimum of what I'll accept. Cole would it kill you to find like a fist-with-lightning-bolt top or something? Maybe something with a gradiant? Some cool fingerless gloves instead of electrical tape wrapped around your fingers? People are lookin' up to you, man, make a fucking EFFORT.

So yeah Kuo's outfit-swap was excellent and when she showed up I had my first moment of genuinely RELATING to anyone on screen in a game and a half. Good job, inFamous 2.
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