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Keeping the streak of text adventures and interactive fiction alive, here's a Choice of Games number I bought entirely for the premise alone. I do that sometimes.

Unfortunately the stated premise takes a quick hike out the window pretty quickly. The Yeti barely shows up in this game at all, and while you briefly act as his parole officer towards the beginning, you're really working as a peacekeeping officer with the entire Earth as your jurisdiction and various cryptids as your charges. There's a series of incidents ... mothman, chupacabra, a jackalope. Does it all lead towards something? Can your bird-alien superiors keep you on track towards cracking the case, or will your new partner be a hindrance instead of a helper?

I beat this three times in an hour, so it isn't exactly a long-haul game. It's well-written enough but it IS a railroad of a story. You can affect small details here and there, but you aren't changing the plot in any major way except at specific nodes.

Still, I had a good time with it.


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