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Recordkeeping: Unavowed COMPLETE

(If you're past a certain age, I can just say that this is Take Two Interactive's "Bureau 13" game, except actually done WELL. If not, keep reading.)

Technobabylon was one of the best games I played in 2017 (yeah I know it came out in 2015, shh). Wadjet Eye has done it again with Unavowed, one of the best games I played in 2018 and an amazing capstone to all of their work so far. You can play this game without having played the Blackwell series, but you'll get a little more out of it if you have.

It's also a rather dark piece of work, with a tone somewhere between Sleepy Hollow (the TV show) and something like Buffy. Your character (whose gender and former profession are chosen by you) gets possessed and goes on a year-long murderfestival rampage across New York City. Eventually the Unavowed, a brave supernatural-evil-fighting duo show up, and with the body back in your own control you sign up to fight evil with them.

As the game goes on, you recruit more characters in Bioware style, solve mysteries (all of which center around that year of hell your character went through), make Tough Choices and work to make the city a better place. All in absolutely gorgeous 640x480 resolution pixel art.

There were a couple of puzzles that slowed me down (the word "LEGS" is going to cause me to make faces for weeks) but this mostly flowed very smoothly. If you're at all a fan of past Wadjet Eye creations, this game needs to be in your life. If you're not, it's a good starting place, maybe the best starting place except that its quality might spoil you for the rough patches of past games.

This game contains some gore, some body/existential horror that might be jarring to some, and a lot of swearing.
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Sounds interesting, I liked Technobabylon but I missed that they had a new game out. I've been distracted with Surviving Mars. :)