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I say complete, but I've finished two story modes and played a bunch of Vs PC and the gatcha campaign mode. Still, I did finish story modes, I did get a credits roll.

First off: Killer Instinct in the 90s, in the arcades or on your N64: I hated it. Young Sqrl, blessed be those bad opinions, thought it was like Nintendo totally missing the point of Mortal Kombat and making a game where you just hammer buttons as fast as you can.

After playing this update... yeah the character designs are sorta edgy, yeah the game CAN come down to "mash as fast and hard as you can" if you have assists turned on...

...but you actually can play it like a real fighter. Or you can embrace the 90s, crank the (amazing, mostly Mick Gordon) soundtrack way up and just MASH IT OUT YEAAAAAHHHHHHHH ULTRAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO

There's a lot to KI2013 now that it's "done". There's a weird gatcha-style campaign mode where you earn currency for buffs and try to stop an extradimensional gargoyle from conquering the world. There's two different story modes, there's a "create a shadow character" mode, there's obviously online multiplayer but who cares, and it's all wrapped up in a pretty strong package.

Fighting games are good actually, I guess.

Date: 2018-07-10 07:21 am (UTC)
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Also it has a velociraptor in a cheerleader outfit who breathes fire.

So it's got that going for it.


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