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Catching up with the hottest hits of 2001, I am.

Ico's a game about a kid with horns stuck in a castle with a very passive girl and all of the lighting effects a first-party Sony design team could program. He jumps, runs, explores and drags the girl along behind him with one hand while fighting off monster shadows with the other. There's a bit of plot, which only overexplains itself into tedium once through the entire game -- a very strong showing.

For the most part I beat this because I hadn't before. It's... mmh. I enjoyed the physical puzzles and jumping around, but not so much anything else?

...that said, there were strong MOMENTS in this game. Really strong visual moments. The endgame 'boss fight'/movement puzzle was particularly strong, even if it did come after the worst moment in the game. Highs and lows, I guess.

The save music was good, and this had enough positive points to make me glad I played it, but I'm a little relieved to have it out of the backlog, honestly.

Date: 2018-05-04 01:41 am (UTC)
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I've wanted to play this, it sounded so intriguing... I tried Shadow of the Colossus but it made me feel too guilty, a very impressive emotion for a game to evoke.


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