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Ah man, after that one my hand feels kinda achy.

Okay, so... There's a variety of "retro" style NES-alike games out for people who like Metroid, and for people who like Mega Man... this is the one designed for people who liked Contra. Your team of three interchangeable totally radical animal people discover that Doctor Crack is making trouble, and you go out to fight him using only your ability to jump really really high and floaty and your ability to pick up the spread-shot weapon and refuse to let it go for any reason ever.

You get three hits per life, infinite lives, off you go.

This took around an hour of play, and I certainly didn't perfect-clear any levels or touch the added Hard Mode content. I had a good time though. I had a GREAT time right up until the level where you jump from missile to missile, which was an absolutely terrible experience. Blurry backgrounds plus fast-moving enemies plus laser beams exactly where you want to be jumping all adds up to a bad time.

It is however the second-to-last non-boss level, so once you get there you're at least on the home stretch.

Until that point my biggest complaint was "some of the music tracks loop a bit sloppily". Not a major issue.

Fantastic soundtrack, too.


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