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A while back I picked up the Disney Afternoon Collection of games, because of course I did, have you seen my childhood? I mean seriously.

I decided to play and finish Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers first of the games in that package. I have a lot of memories of going over a cousin's house and this was like... the only two-player game they had. They were always very insistent that you had to check under EVERY SINGLE BOX for items, and in any given level of C&DRR there's like 250 boxes to pick up.

Accordingly we'd only get maybe three or four levels into the game before I'd start deliberately sabotaging attempts to make progress in the hopes of being allowed to do anything else with my evening. I was pretty delighted to see it's a way easier game if you're NOT playing by ridiculous made-up rules and are just trying to complete some stages.

Also like... 90% of the enemy sprites in this thing trigger my Latent Furry Gene and force me to admit in public that yeah I'd flirt heavily with that. Shout-outs to Rug Bunny, Ninja Pajama Squirrel, and Tennis Kangaroo in particular. ~IM me~

So yeah, this was a fun experience. In conclusion, somehow they left out Foxglove, everyone's favorite one-episode wonder with a total 4 minutes 34 seconds of screen time, and I hope this is rectified in Rescue Rangers 2: The Search For More Rescue.


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