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You'd be forgiven for thinking I did this last year but no, that one was a Mystery Dungeon RPG and this one was a strange little collection of minigames and microgames. Which are smaller than minigames, of course. It's just a matroska doll of games within games within games around here.

The plot, such as it is, revolves around Chocobo's attempts to foil a magic book that devours almost everything on his home island and foil the book's henchmen and the henchmen's henchmen and so on down the line. It was nice to see Irma and Volg from FFF:CD again, and particularly nice to see Irma's goofy and bumbling Jailbird minions. I love those little dorks.

The minigames run the gambit from "can do this in your sleep" to "playing this will frustrate you so much you will never sleep again" and everyone seems to have their own perspective on which is which. For me the ultimate in frustration was playing an electric-walls version of Irritating Stick except with Chocobo as the cursor. Cue a great deal of me screeching "HOW BIG IS YOUR DANG HITBOX THERE" and making elaborate greens-based diet plans for the poor bird. It got to the end of the maze eventually and then I felt kinda bad.

Also the translation on this thing was WILD. More than once I'd be hit with a line like "You're pretty fly for a white mage!" and I'd turn the game over and over in my hands and ask my empty room "Who TRANSLATED this?"

(Mobygames had a couple of answers to that. Thanks guys.)

Did I ENJOY this as much as Chocobo's Dungeon? ... No, honestly, but I was never going to. Mystery Dungeons are kind of my homeground, I love those dang things so much. Combining that with the sweetness and sugar of a Chocobo based game (and I love the cast for this, I love Irma and Volg and the Jailbirds and all) is like a candy to me that I will never be able to cram enough of into my face.

Chocobo Tales, however, does feel like a game it'll be easy to go back to. Now that I've finished it, absolutely everything in the game is unlocked to me and I can just tinker with the mini/microgames as I feel like. If I should want to 100% Perfect Dragon (perfect chocobo?) this game in the future it'll be right there, wide open for me to revisit.

On the whole this was a relaxing time punctuated by the occasional burst of RAW FURY LEADING TO ZENLIKE MURDERPEACE. In conclusion, someone needs to code a standalone version of Pop-Up Duel, the battle card game that because of AI limitations and sidelining did not get a chance to shine for-real for TWO ENTIRE GAMES.

After this, the Chocobo series had one more release (which the US never got) and a portable remaster of Chocobo's Dungeon (which the US never got) and then as far as I can tell ceased to exist.

Come back, Chocobo, and bring your masked moogle friend with you.

This game was a Christmas gift from Celine to whom I apologize for beating your Christmas gift the day before actual Christmas.

Date: 2017-12-25 10:59 am (UTC)
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Merry Christmas, you.

Don't give yourself a heart attack or anything.


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