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I can say right now, don't be surprised to see this show up in December 2018 on the Hint Coin list, because this was the puzzliest puzzler since they paved over Puzzle Parkway. We got some slider puzzles, machinery puzzles, sound puzzles, glyph puzzles, code puzzles, observation-based puzzles, switch-and-lever puzzles, we got some alchemy puzzles, light puzzles, unexpected "oh god THAT'S what that is" puzzles, mastermind puzzles...

That's not a complete list. Several of them you do twice, once in an obvious and signposted way and once in a way that's suddenly a revelation.

It's a Mystlike. You are summoned to an ancient island full of puzzles by a cranky professor who wants you to solve all these damn puzzles. A spiritual glowball shows up to let you know that He's Evil And Concerned Only with Power, and that you can totally 100% trust her.

Mostly though it's puzzles. Lots of walking up and down the beach going "Okay, what do I have in memory? What have I uncovered? What might I not have uncovered? Any loose ends? WAIT, THAT BOX!" and then sprinting off down the path to pluck at a thread.

I needed a walkthrough for a few of these. One of them in particular is... not a very well-clued puzzle and I take issue with it, but talking about it even in spoilers is ... difficult.

And then you win. Maybe. I guess.

Spoiler cut?

You have two options and of course it comes down to Mr. Science Asshole Versus Spiritual Glowball. The glowball will tell you all about how using the unlimited time and knowledge offered by the island caused her and two friends to become so arrogant and "we are as gods" that they accidentally trashed their own civilization. She wants you to destroy Quern. Mr. Science Asshole wants you to unlock Quern for all people everywhere, adding it to the dimensional world-chain.

Free access to unlimited time and knowledge versus break it because somebody MIGHT misuse the power.

I'm sorry, even with everything that's happened in the world, I believe in giving people a CHOICE and a CHANCE. I'm kinda down with "unlimited time and knowledge".

That's the ending I went for. And of course Guilttrip Von Glowball breaks down into "NOOO YOU WILL USE THE POWER _WRONG_ HOW DID I FAIL OH WOE" and flies off. I flipped her the finger and walked into the portal.

Credits. I may reload my save someday and try the other ending, but I strongly suspect it will just be her being smug as hell.

Also there's a wall of what I assume is Kickstarter backer shouts. Spot the furry, everybody!

Hope there's a Quern 2, this one hit a ton of my puzzle buttons and locked them in the correct position to project a thumbs-up if you put a lens in front of me and a glowing light behind me.


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