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Well, again I am declaring this year of blogging over for me before it's actually finished on the calendar. This was the sophomore jinx year in a lot of ways, honestly. I burned out on two games in a row due to medical issues, I felt like a huge jerk, I decided I was boring you all and didn't care about writing anymore and had a microquit... and then I came back, because I couldn't think of anything better to do.

Additionally I got all tied up in Final Fantasy 14, which is still the most fun I've ever had with an MMORPG, but which hit a progression wall that we all kind of bounced off. I know some of the group are really twitching to get back into it, but after looking at their 2.1 patch which basically just has post-game and level-cap stuff... I still feel a powerful wave of apathy. I may transfer ownership of the guild to someone else and admit that's a wash. Housing in particular -- don't get me started.

So this year had a lot of low pits, but it also had some great peaks. There was a lot of joy and fun, some good movies, some great games, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too. If nobody were reading, I probably wouldn't bother writing with as much enthusiasm.

All in all, this year 21 games got finished. That's down 14 from last year, but I had that big gap in the middle where I couldn't be arsed to do anything. So it's still pretty respectable. Last year I said " I'm no longer afraid to tackle a long game for fear I'll get bored and wander off, so there will be a number more of these long-form writeups coming." and that was proven to be a huge lie. Still, I have a load of JRPGs on my list and damnit they're gonna get done eventually.

Here's the end of year award ceremony!

Best Soundtrack: Jet Set Radio Future
Best Skating: Jet Set Radio Future
Best Spraypainting: Jet Set Radio Future
Best World Design: Jet Set Radio Future
Special Award For Being Jet Set Radio Future: Jet Set Radio Future

Goofiest Facial Expressions: Sonic Adventure DX
Most Questionable Billboards: Sonic Adventure 2
Best Use Of Rap To Convey Mood: Sonic Adventure 2
Best Fishing Minigame: Sonic Adventure DX
Best Sonic Game: Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Squarest Jaw: Nathan Zachery, Crimson Skies
Roundest Jaw: Mommy, Offspring Fling
Pointiest Jaw: Kameo, Kameo: Elements of Power
Can Transform Into A Dragon: Kameo, Kameo: Elements of Power

Game I Never Talked About That Ate ALL MY FREE TIME: Marvel Heroes

Bleakest Future: Soul Reaver
Bleakest Present: Limbo
Perkiest Future That Should By All Rights Be Bleak As Hell: The Wonderful End of the World
Most Colorful Future: Soul Reaver 2
That Is Not How The Future Works: Binary Domain
This Should Be How The Future Works: TIE: Binary Domain / AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome

Hardest Game Title to Spell Correctly: AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome
Runner Up: Solatorobo

Best Leading Man: Adam "JC" Hulk-Banner Denton-Jensen-Jenson, Deus Ex Hurr Durr.
Best Leading Woman: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, Vampire Bloodlines
Silliest Name Award: Shared Between Them
Best Leading Girl: Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew series
Best Leading Chocobo: Great And Powerful Trixie, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon 2
Worst Supporting Anything Ever: Omochao, Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon 2

Biggest Letdown: Tales of Vesperia
Special You Tried Award For Showing Up: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
No Awards Whatsoever: Crash Time 3

Awards Ceremony Sponsored By Tom, Tommy, and Timmy Nook, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.



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