Mar. 1st, 2019

xyzzysqrl: (Sqrlish RAGE)
I just cannot get into this.

Axiom Verge is a Metroid. I mean that in the sense that it does everything Nintendo's Metroid series does, and also in the sense that when I load it up, it attaches to me and sucks out all my energy until I feel exhausted and despairing.

The atmosphere is depressing. The plot is ... also depressing. The music is piercing, but often very ... hm.

I dunno. I went into this game really enthused, and don't get me wrong -- it COULD be a good game for someone else. The entire thing was made by one person and it doesn't show at all. The pixel art backgrounds in the outdoor areas are incredible, among other things.

I'm two bosses from the ending, according to a guide. Unless I want to backtrack all over the place collecting more guns I'll never use and more pickups that raise my something by 1/5th. But I've already spent 16 hours getting to this point and I'm just so tired of this game.


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