Jan. 6th, 2019

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With the 117% completion mark on Spyro 3, Perfect Dragon is sated and sinks once more 'neath the waves to swim unseen to her off-shore island retreat, where she will stuff herself with delicious foods and relax on a bed of pillows.

Domo arigato, Perfect Dragon. Rest well, brave heroine, 'til your time comes again.

The Spyro Reignited trilogy could not be mistaken for a bad game, but I do feel it could be mistaken for a single game. In unifying the art styles, control scheme and such, I feel the remake kind of homogenizes out a lot of the individual differences. The quirks of art style here or the music there. (I turned on the original music partway through Spyro 2 and felt MUCH better about the game.)

Some things I remember being extremely hard were easy, some things I remember being incredibly easy were near-impossible. The Speedway ring-races alone nearly put me through the five stages of grief each. I was eventually speedrunning them, by which I mean the grief stages, not the races. "NOOOO DAMN IT WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN I'M SO AWFUL oh well I accept my fate." in under thirty seconds and then push 'retry race'.

Still, I'm not sorry I picked this up. I love these games and I'm really feeling like someday I need to play the rest of the series.

I do feel like I'm pretty cheerful with streaming and playing games right now, though. I'll have to see what I feel like doing next...
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A few questions, easily ignorable by all.

A: If I made more effort to promote the times when I'm playing video games on Twitch, might you show up? This question is weighted more towards "Should I post here whenever a stream starts", not "Can I emotionally blackmail you into watching me?"

B: What would make you more likely to show up? (More of a fixed schedule / fewer violent games / more violent games / MMOs / single player games / long RPGs / shorter games / a wide variety of stuff / etc. whatever? Write stuff in.)

C: What would make you LESS likely to show up? (Also a write-in.)


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