Dec. 4th, 2018

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For the second year in a row I'm sweeping in like the Grinch and stealing [personal profile] kjorteo 's game awards ceremony. I'm gonna be honest, I was not actually thinking about this. If I sound fatigued or drowsy during this write-up, therefore ... Well, I am. I've been half-asleep since the weather shifted towards cold, and I can't wake myself up very well, so this is a more low-key, subdued game awards this year.

I feel like time has distorted itself into long strands and we've come unfocused and vague and wavery. I have taken three dozen naps today alone and I don't even remember what 'today' is.

I'm half-convinced 2018: The First Half and 2018-2: The Squeakquel were different years.

Speaking of different years, let's have the tally of games for this year:

Complete: 88
Incomplete: 16
Ongoing: 5

And that compares out like this:

2012 - 38 Complete, ?? Abandoned
2013 - 21 Complete, ?? Abandoned
2014 (did not post, bad year for me) - 29 Complete / 4 Abandoned
2015 - 67 Complete, 6 Abandoned
2016 - 44 Complete, 5 Abandoned
2017 - 102 complete, 13 Abandoned

My Incomplete/Abandoned count continues to rise, but I think that's a consequence of playing so much gamesoft to begin with. It's never a competition or a race, but I'm oddly pleased to see that I played fewer games this year than last.

I feel like maybe I'm in the proper zone of where I need to be, and also enjoying myself with MMOs and lengthy games and such even more than before.

This is about the level I want to maintain, somewhere between 60-80 games a year. That feels somewhat sane, given my copious amounts of free time, without going full binge-on-everything.

As usual, any games played/completed past THIS MARK ^^ will count for next year instead.

Well, that said: Let's get a-stealin'.
This way to the award categories and nominees! )
See you in a few weeks, folks!


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