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So what we absolutely expected to see at Story Book Land were little houses for the Three Bears, with or without Goldilocks. Beehive mailboxes outside that. Pack of squealing kids running up to them before we could get in. Good, spirited stuff. And they had animatronics. The bears would look around, forever discovering their porridge bowls empty and their chairs tampered with. These were in good shape, too. The bears might have looked a little like they were off from the Chuck E Cheese line, but they looked like they were fresh off that. I don't know how recently Story Book Land's had renovations, or whether they just keep stuff in rather good shape all the time. They were looking in great shape, though.

They also had a building that was nothing but model trains. It put me in mind of Roadside America, which as a kid I thought was the most fantastic place to be ever, and which I'm still surprised I haven't taken [profile] bunny_hugger to. Maybe when we get to Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland next, since as Stuff In Eastern-ish Pennsylvania they're surely all close together, right? Anyway, this was several tables, at different heights, filling up what used to be a post office it looks like. And there were so many buttons to press, to make some part of a loop or a shuttle track start running. If I were ever taken here as a seven-year-old I would never have left.

Not a surprise: they have a Santa's Home, with elf statues out front and a house all decorated for Christmas. This was maybe the most Holiday World moment of the park. More of a surprise: they didn't have a Santa there. They only have Santa when the park is open for the Christmas season (something they've been doing since the late 70s) and for one Christmas-in-July event. I understand not having him around all the time, but one busy month and then one extra day seems like under-using the character. They do have some other buildings, not adjacent to Santa's Home. One is a reindeer stall with again button-activated reindeer animatronics. Another is the Workshop, featuring elves assembling toys and a reindeer animatronic that's trying to work the old-fashioned adding machine or write a letter with a pen. I guess good on Santa for not letting physical limitations keep people from jobs they like, but they don't seem like the workspace otherwise accommodates that, like, pens are gonna slip out of hooves.

Surprising, although in that way that afterwards yeah, this does seem like the sort of place that would happen: they had a chapel. It was, says the plaque and the book about the park's history that I bought, a private chapel built in the area and moved to the park in the Like 70s. They've had at least one wedding performed there. It was someone who'd had a career with the park. Whether they'd be open to letting anyone rent the park for a wedding ceremony is, to me, a mystery.

Of neutral surprise content: they've got a garage with a bunch of vintage cars and even old fire trucks, used for parades and other publicity events. Yes, they've got statues of Dalmatian fire fighters

Near all this is a fine little building, a cylindrical tower in the middle of a pond, named Goosey Gander's Castle. And there are a couple geese penned into it. This is, according to that book I got, a return to form. For years they had kept ducks there. I have no explanation for the duck interregnum. But this did serve as a warning that the park keeps live animals. That isn't by itself a bad thing; many parks do, especially ones that aim for appeal to kids. But the park did have some larger enclosures, near the back of the park, and as we approached those we would start to worry that they might keep something way beyond the ability of a small family-owned amusement park to keep well.

Utterly baffling: one of the non-animatronic statues up front is Moby Dick. He's been there for decades and is beloved by longtime parkgoers, says the history book, none of whom seem concerned by how Moby Dick isn't a fairy tale and is really nothing fairy-tale-like, in fact. I would've thought they'd at least have used the Whale From Pinocchio. It's got the air of an idiosyncratic choice that, by long exposure, has become impossible to even question. So be it. What's the point of a park like this that hasn't got odd choices in it?

Trivia: The British government declared the Continental Navy's privateers were pirates and criminals in the Pirate Act of 1777. Source: Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America, Peter Andreas.

Currently Reading: Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug, Beth Bridgman. This is one of the more genially dopey science fiction novels I've read in a long, long while.

PS: Halloweekends Friday after Cedar Point closed!


View from the Hotel Breakers of the park by night. The Power Tower is at the center; to the right, Corkscrew, and to the left, ValRavn.


Old stained-glass window that's been set up in the Hotel Breakers, near the new entrance and somewhere that it can attract appreciation.


Main lobby of the Hotel Breakers, decorated with skeletons and decrepit-looking fake horses, some of which shudder when approached. We don't know what the hotel looks like during the summer when it isn't trying to be spooky.

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It is always dangerous to try going to two amusement parks in a day. It's too easy to shortchange one for the other. We'd made that mistake during the New England Parks Tour a couple years ago, but we didn't know what else to do. We had gotten away with it earlier on our Fifth Anniversary Trip; the hours of Bowcraft and Keansburg meshed well. Saturday, we were planning to try this stunt again. It would get even weirder than that.

Driving south, the hour or so to Atlantic City, we passed signs warning that the state parks were all closed. I had somehow picked up enough local news to know this was likely coming; [profile] bunny_hugger hadn't. It was part of the budget standoff between the Legislature and Chris Christie. If you can remember as far back as July you might remember the late night talk shows mocking Chris Christie for lounging on a beach closed to the public, part of the disgraced governor's efforts to establish himself as so toxic and petty and universally hated he could become a Republican health care plan. The shutdown would not hurt us directly, except that it did foreclose some Sunday options. New Jersey has a healthy number of lighthouses, but I'm not sure any are in Federally-owned parklands so they couldn't be added to [profile] bunny_hugger's lighthouse count this trip. But we had forgotten to bring her lighthouse passport book. So while we could claim credit for seeing lighthouses we would have had to get stamps on loose sheets of paper and bind them into her passport. Doable, but not ideal. We must, next trip, make sure not to repeat the oversight.

We came up to Story Book Land, established 1955, and were immediately delighted. It was, like Bowcraft, a park that looked like it was just dropped off in a strip mall, although this in a much less densely populated part of the state. (Indeed, across the street from the parking lot is an Office Concepts store and a tattoo parlor.) It started out as one of the kid's fairy-tale-lands, the way many parks in the 50s did. We've been to its spiritual counterparts at Idlewild in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, and to Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire. This one is unlike Idlewild and Story Land in that it's still owned by the originating family. And, apparently, doing pretty well for itself. It's a small park, and one only open to 5 pm the early-summer Saturday we were visiting, which is what made attempting two parks seem like a plausible idea. We also figured the place would be swarmed with packs of kids running out ahead of an exhausted parent shouting at Brandon to get back here. But we trusted we could handle that.

Its entrance is a white castle, flanked by nutcracker guards. Also temporary red traffic barriers so people walking in from the parking lot have something like safety from cars driving in off the street. The entrance is a narrow hallway by the cashier's booth, with a gate featuring some of the birds and mice from Cinderella on signs that warn to only push the gate open when the music plays. The music is ``Hail to the Chief''. We don't know what exactly the link is between Story Book Land and Disney, but they've got a bunch of Disney Depictions of characters in the park. There must be some arrangement there or else an extremely bad day once someone at Disney Master Command hears about the place.

Just past the entrance is a large circular flower 'fountain', and a signboard with a clown welcoming you to Story Book Land. To the left is a 30-foot state of Mother Goose, goose beside her, and a couple of fake books to sit on for photographs. Apparently the Mother Goose had (has?) a loudspeaker and a camera inside, for a staffer to look out on and talk to nearby kids. To the left of that is a three-layer birthday-cake-shaped pavilion, which would make [profile] bunny_hugger long to have her own birthday party at an amusement park. The cake had a sign commemorating the park's 62 years of operation. The cake used to be only a single layer; the kids of the park's owners had it expanded on their parents' anniversary. Across the path from Mother Goose is the main snack bar, the Gingerbread House, which has a couple of figures from the A & W restaurant chain on the roof for some reason. Also, off to the side of Mother Goose, they have a Big Boy state, checkered overalls and everything. This goes unexplained.

So after about ten minutes at the park we were having a great day.

Trivia: The British Military Government allowed the formation of political parties in its zone of Germany on the 15th of September, 1945, about a month after the United States allowed district-level parties in its zone, and three months before the French military government did. Source: Germany 195: From War To Peace, Richard Bessel.

Currently Reading: The Global Transformation of Time, 1870 - 1950, Vanessa Ogle.

PS: Halloweekends Friday some more!


Performers for some of the haunted houses and walkthrough attractions rallied around symbols of the various venues.


The Kiddie Carousel, sparkling as a jewel in the night.


Glimpse of the Millenium Force roller coaster past the exit of the loading station. You can also see, through the door, the illuminated tower of the roller coaster's lift hill.

PPS: The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: X, perhaps the last possible 'X' glossary term.

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I've had a lot of restless energy lately and I've decided why fight it, and I've been raiding my Humble stash, but nothing really beats a nice new shiny game you didn't own yesterday, amirite? I self-medicate with games, as should we all.

So I've been eyeballing Niche, a niche genetics survival game that just came out to overwhelmingly positive review. I wasn't convinced it was my thing. (I think it might be your thing, which is why I mention it here.)

I am very satisfied with the reviews of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider but the Dishonored world is not what I need right now.

So I wait for the Steam weekend stuff to roll over and I'm clicking and what do I spy with my little eye... but SteamWorld Dig 2. You know that feeling when you love something, and then suddenly there's more when you were least expecting it? I'm pretty sure I have an extra key to SteamWorld Dig, if anyone wants it.

Have I discussed my little mining problem?

ok so I have a little mining problem. I like to dig. Anywhere. Any circumstances. Dig Dug was one of the first games I played and I loved it, so maybe that's why, but I don't care to overthink this stuff. So a game where the entire point is digging is just the best. I know some of you can't relate, it's ok. We're all God's children, unique in our own special ways.

Edit: SteamWorld Dig is currently free on Origin.

Let me explain you a thing

Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:49 am
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Those who know me know I, uh, kind of have a problem with overexplaining things. It's just something I enjoy doing, and the impulse is very hard to control. You may have noticed my SoulSilver LP is on track to be like eight hundred thousand words or more by the time it finishes, and probably at least some of that is due to occasional "For those of you who have never played a Pokemon game before, you throw a ball and there's a certain percent chance depending on...." asides. But trust me, I promise you, what you're seeing now was after I went back and cut out as many of those as I could stand before it became almost physically painful to cut anymore. You should have seen the rough draft.

That being said, last night I had a dream where I was on a team-based game show that looked like some sort of Knightmare/Crystal Maze/Laser tag crossover; teams put on special vests, entered the maze, and then presumably stuff happened. I'd apparently seen this show zillions of times before and knew the procedure by heart, but for whatever reason, our team getting our usual orientation like we were supopsed to. I kind of had to take over that role instead, and the rest of the dream devolved into, "Guys, I know no one said anything but we're actually supposed to all file into this room first to get the mission briefing before we start. It's like an out of the way broom closet I know but the secret door is right here. Guys, no. Guys, you can't enter the main hall yet, you don't even have your VESTS. GUYS."

I'm pretty sure that dreams like this are a sign that the problem is more serious than I thought.

I am the one hiding under your stairs

Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:10 am
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Making my humor blog's big weekly pieces be a bunch of how-to articles this month has strangely relieved me of my deepest problem: thinking of what to write. Have you seen what I've written recently? Try this if you haven't.

Let's get back to Cedar Point Halloweekends. That's a fun time and place to be.


Mean Streak, several weeks after its closure, and partly torn up for its renovation. The roller coaster train underneath is from Maverick.


Old West-themed building near Maverick, which itself is at the end of the Frontier Trail. The 'White Water Coal Co' suggests to me the White Water Landing log flume ride, itself taken out a decade-plus ago to make room for Maverick. There's several bits of park decoration that have increasingly faded White Water Landing logos or references but since they're all in the Old West part of the park that just makes them fit the theme better.


Entrance to the Frontier Trail at night on Halloweekends. For the Halloween season the trail is dressed up to this steampunk walk-through attraction and making the trees look like that is part of the show.


Entrance gate of the Steampunk thingy on the Frontier Trail at Halloweekends. It hasn't got started quite yet, which you can tell because there's not lasers shooting out of the eyes.


Brass-plated (well, painted) swan on the Frontier Trail as part of the cyberpunk thing. The swan had been part of the Swan Boats ride; others of the swans were sent to Michigan's Adventure. This one went into seasonal performances instead.


Rally of the haunted-house/haunted-walkthrough-area performers at the Luminosity stage. This was new this year, with all the performers gathering for a good send-off just before the witching hour of 8 pm.


One of the performers on the Luminosity stage, set up outside the Iron Dragon roller coaster, in a show that we were a little too far away to hear quite clearly what was going on.

Trivia: In the early 1940s Orlando Scott offered lie-detector screenings of potential employees to high-volume clients at $15 per interviewee. He pledged to test for ``integrity, intentions, loyalty, competency, intuitiveness, stability, alertness, efficiency, ambition, vocational stability, sabotage, etc''. Source: The Lie Detectors: The History of an American Obsession, Ken Alder.

Currently Reading: The Global Transformation of Time, 1870 - 1950, Vanessa Ogle.

STORY: Justice Ch. 12-Epilogue

Sep. 21st, 2017 05:44 pm
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TWELVE-EPILOGUE (mild cussing)

Aldin scampered about collecting butternuts as a camera drone recorded him. He buried some as a wild cousin would. Others he stashed in a small knapsack inside a hollow at the base of a tree, which put to bed any thoughts one might have watching the footage as to whether or not he was a wild cousin. When filled, he carried the knapsack to the hovercraft and emptied it into a larger sack. He then went back and gathered more. Karl the skunk watched footage of this on two different monitors. The leaves on the deciduous trees around them were starting to change color.

“I think that’s enough footage for today,” stated as he powered-down the drone and started to disassemble it in order to store it for the return trip.

Aldin paused, drooping his tail. “But I have not filled my sack yet. It’s only half-full. And these butternuts are wonderful.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“Have you ever tried one?” Aldin quickly stripped the husk off one, leaving a little bit of yellowish stain on his paws and offered it up to the skunk. “Go ahead.”

Karl hesitated for a moment and then took the offered nut and bit into it and chewed slowly. It was softer than he expected and did have a buttery taste. He was impressed. “That is tasty.”

“Yes, and I think they will be even better after roasting.”

“You’re trying to turn me into a squirrel, aren’t you, Embassahder? First you talk about teaching me to climb trees. Now you’re getting me to nibble on raw tree nuts. Next, you’ll be getting me to gather some with you.”

Aldin scuffed a paw. “Well, I was not going to ask, but it would help me fill that sack quicker. But you have nothing to worry about. My father studied genetics, not me. I’m sure if he was here and you asked, he could transform you into a squirrel. Me, not likely.”

Karl stared at Aldin over the statement about what his father could do. Aldin simply shrugged, turned, and continued to gather butternuts. He called back over his shoulder, “And I have not forgotten that promise. I am serious if you want to learn to climb, I’ll teach you, but you will need to grow your nails out like the others.” His knapsack filled again, he quickly scurried to the hovercraft to empty it into the sack.

“I’m still thinking about that,” Karl replied as he packed away the monitors. “But we need to get back to campus.”

“Just two more trips to fill the sack.”


Aldin paused. “It is the wild cousin instincts in me. I need to gather food like this because,” he paused and said the next line in a very serious tone, “Winter is coming.”

Karl looked at him nonplussed. “So?”

Aldin shook his head. Of course Karl wouldn’t get the reference. “A squirrel must always plan for the future. But I agree, we do need to get back, even if my sack is not full.” (drooptail) “I will have to come back out later. In about a klick-and-a-half I have an appointment I need to keep with a law counselor.”

“I thought you were finished with that trial a week ago.”

“Yes, I am, but as I just said, a squirrel must always plan for the future. I need to get a will written.”

“You have few possessions to worry about. What? Do you plan to leave these butternuts to your roommates?”

Aldin (gigglechittered) “I doubt they will last that long. Right now it is true that I have few possessions, but there is still something very important I need to make sure is taken care of.”


“WNN. Our top headline this hour: Al-den Bush-E-tail has died. The small, wild cousin-like squirrel served in his role as Embassader of the Terran Nah-mah-cant-ah Free Squirrels for more than forty years. We’ll have a remembrance after the rest of our headlines…”

Someone pressed the door buzzer interrupting the news. The pine marten got off his cushion to answer the door. Outside, stood a ferret dressed in a business suit and tie with a small hover cargo pod by his side.

“Can I help you?”

The ferret bowed. “I am Elizus with the Mustelid Law Firm in Forestal. Is Mr. Ehnray home?”

The pine marten wiped a tear from his eye. “Yes, my father is here. He is his death bed. The doctor gives him a day or two at most. He’s currently resting asking us to leave him be for a little while.”

The ferret frowned. “I see. My father represented him in court forty some odd years ago. After that case, he was hired on by the Nahmakanta Free Squirrel Embassy on retainer. I took that job over after his retirement ten years ago. Father passed away two year ago, so I know what you’re going through. My condolences.” The ferret briefly bowed again.

“It was just announced on WNN that the Embassahder died.”

“Yes, he passed yesterday evening local time of natural causes. That is why I’m here. Your father is in the late Embassahder’s will. And should he pass, it goes to you and any of your surviving siblings. May I come in?”

The pine marten motioned him in. The cargo container followed a short distance behind the ferret.

“What is that?”

“The inheritance from the Embassahder. Is Mr. Ehnray lucid enough for a visitor?”

“We’ll see.” The pine marten led the ferret into a back room where Ehnray lay semi-curled up on a hammock bed breathing shallowly. His son went over to his side and touched his hand. “Father you have a visitor.”

Ehnray opened his eyes and focused on the ferret. “Do I know you?” he rasped.

“No, but you knew my father, Mr. Enhray. He represented you in court many years ago.”

Ehnray’s eyes widened a little. “Yes, I remember.” He breathed in and out a bit trying to build up a bit of strength. “You look just like your father and if I had known him while I was in the hospital, I would never have been found guilty. If I remember, after the trail, the Embassahder hired him. How is the Embassahder these days?”

“I’m sorry to say, Mr. Ehnray, he died last night. That is why I’m here.”

Ehnray blinked a couple times. “Really? I outlived him?”

“Yes. And he left you in his will. While, I find what he did highly unusual, I must respect my client’s wishes.” The ferret tapped an icon on his flatpanel. A quite young Aldin appeared on the entertainment panel on the wall.

“Hello Ehnray, or his survivors should I have outlived him.” Aldin’s tail flicked about briefly like he was waving it. “This part of my will I set in place about a week after you were granted clemency. If you are watching this, then I have passed onto whatever lays beyond this life. Among your people, cremation is the normal way your remains are disposed of. That is not the way of my people. We are not far removed from our wild cousin ancestors and remember our roots as a prey creature. Normally, we lay our dead in the open in the forest for predators and carrion eaters to consume.

“However, I recall in the trial how you said how much you enjoyed the taste of wild cousin squirrel. You asked that we never meet muzzle-to-muzzle again because I smelled like a tasty wild cousin squirrel to you, and you feared you would do me harm if we met again. And so I offer you my body so you can enjoy the taste of wild cousin “tree rat” one more time. Well,” Aldin shrugged, “pretty close to it anyway. I would be honored if you were the predator to consume my remains. If you want nothing to do with this, I understand and hope I have not caused offense. In that case, my counsel will transport my remains to a forest preserve and lay them in the open.” The screen went dark.

Enhray started to laugh hard and uncontrollably, which turned into a coughing fit.

While Enhray coughed, his son declared, “That’s disgusting! Didn’t that tree rat cause enough harm to my father all those years ago! How dare he do this!”

“That little shit!” Enhray stammered between coughs and shook his head giggling some more.

“Excuse me, Father, what was that last word?”

“That was Ing-lish,” Elizus responded. “The late Embassahder’s native language. If I remember right, it is a slang term for scat.”

Enhray nodded at Elizus, looked at his son and rasped, “Alonzo, there is nothing disgusting about his request. His people are different than ours...” He closed his eyes a moment and caught his breath. “As I learned over time. A few months after the trial, he checked in on me via video. We talked regularly for over a year after that. He respected my request not to visit in person.” He paused catching his breath. “I learned a lot about him and his people. In the process of those video conversations, we taught each other a few cuss words and their context in each other’s languages. ‘Shit’ is a mild cuss word in his Ing-lish. I also learned a few things I would never dare utter for fear it would summon your mother’s spirit from the next life long enough to smack me.” He chuckled again and closed his eyes in thought.

“I will honor the Embassahder’s last request.” He paused a moment. “We’ll stew him. As old as he is, a slow cook method will ensure he is nice and tender when served. Alonzo, you and your siblings, mates, children and any grandkits on hand will join me. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten wild cousin squirrel, even if it is just one small taste as there won’t be much meat on him, maybe a third of a kilo in total. The Embassahder may not have been a wild cousin, but he was awful close to being one. He smelled like one. I’ll bet he tastes like one.” Ehnray drooled a little.

As instructed all of Ehnray’s family present had some of the stew with their father that evening. He was more animated than he had been in some time as he ate the squirrel stew. They would agree that squirrel was delicious.


“WNN. Our top headline this hour, Ehnray the Pine Marten, who once attempted to kill the late Embassahder Aldin Bush-E-tail, has died, just two days after the Embassahder. After the rest of the headlines, we’ll have a remembrance of this would-be assassin who was granted clemency for his crime…”



Author’s notes:

No, that isn’t the end of my story telling with Aldin. However, he insisted that you, the readers, know this part of his will. Considering my family history, timeline-wise, I guess he plans to outlive me (chuckle) as an addition 40-some-odd years would put me a good decade plus beyond the maximum age any male member of my family has lived to date.

Work Post

Sep. 21st, 2017 01:09 pm
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1:34pm - This afternoon I'm in kind of a weird state of mind, so my behavior is a bit different from usual. I decided to get something fancier to eat and went to Firehouse Subs. I decided to try their cheaper option, and while the sandwich was very delicious, the upcharge for the footlong is worth it. It's not twice as big as the regular sub, but it's twice as much meat and cheese. Well, it may be worth it. I enjoyed the littler sub and feel full without being bloated, so that's good.

After my meal I decided not to go to the McDonalds, which is why right now I'm at the Beacock Branch Library.

The first thing I'm going to do is look for folks to work with in a few places, just put my name and skills out there. Maybe find a group project to work on.

5:11pm - Wow time has flown quickly. I've spent the last four hours talking with people who responded quickly to my advertisements of availability, and reading details of one of the games that one of them is working on. It's quite the complex game, but he's already got a huge team.

I'm getting tired and thirsty though so I think I'm going to head home and talk more with them when I get there.

Worked Post

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:15 am
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11:15am - I actually did some work at home for a change, and without even opening a work journal. That's pretty neat. I animated a couple animations for my little dude, and that's about it. It looks a bit funny now, but wait until I do the attack animations! It'll look crazy. XD

Also it's someone's B-day

Sep. 21st, 2017 05:53 am
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Not mine. Go wish [personal profile] whitetail a Happy Birthday!

Jose & Maria

Sep. 21st, 2017 05:44 am
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Jose is currently sitting about 150 miles (240km) southwest of Nantucket Island and will start drifting westerward today. The National Hurricane Center hasn't declared it extratropical yet, but I suspect that will take place later today or tomorrow AM at the latest. The outer bands of Jose continue to rain on Cape Cod and the islands (Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard) and will probably continue to do so through the end of the weekend and beyond when Jose will finally rain itself out and anything left will get absorbed by Maria.

The forecast for Maria puts it further east of previous forecasts. It will pass over the eastern Bahamas and then north off the eastern seaboard and west of Bermuda and then curve eastward south of Cape Cod and head out into the open Atlantic. Provided the forecast models are correct and of course, they always have a difficult time with hurricanes. Bottom line: if you're on the Eastern Seaboard, you need to keep an eye on it.
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There's a lot of parking lots in Seaside Heights. Just, you know, a plot of land such as you might put a house on, only it's gravel or dirt and there's a guy out front offering to let you leave the car there until 2 am for five or ten or twenty bucks, depending on how busy it was. We saw one, a block north and west of the Casino Pier main building. He was standing in front of a metal music stand and playing the saxophone in-between (rare) customer visits. No bucket for tips or anything, and he wasn't playing any particular song. Just practicing his music while overseeing a Jersey Shore parking lot.

This lovely vignette is something we watched from the miniature golf course. Not the one atop the buildings on Casino Pier. We were tempted by that, but went instead to play the new miniature golf course that's adjacent to the water park, opposite the shore from the Casino. It's got a Privateer theme, much like the miniature golf course [profile] bunny_hugger and I went to with my father back in January. This one had some of the things you'd expect, props of buried treasure and all that. It also put up a bunch of signs about the pirate-or-privateers and their action around Toms River during the Revolutionary War. The pirate-or-privateer action along the Jersey Shore doesn't get a lot of attention, even in New Jersey histories because, you know, we've got the Battles of Trenton and Princeton and Monmouth Junction and the horrible winters at Morristown to talk about. But they were present and vicious in the sort of thing that horrified people about pre-20th-century warfare. So it was fun and I guess educational, if you pretend the signs knew the difference between it's and its.

We went back around the pier, and the Casino, and looking over merchandise and toys and looking for amusing sidelines. I spotted at an employee's door the printout of the benefits Casino Pier employees could claim, such as discount tickets to Great Adventure or to Legoland. We also stopped in another candy shop, not Berkeley's, where there was a bounty of old-time candies like liquorice pipes and Necco wafers and all. I forget if we picked up something to eat there.

We did return to Berkeley Candy, as promised, and brought that back to the car where we found we were no longer alone in the parking lot. There was one other car, parked next to ours, in the enormity of the municipal parking lot.

Candy safely stowed in the back we went back to the pier, admiring the beauty of the pier at night finally. And we bought a night ride on Hydrus, even more gorgeous in color-shifting light against the night sky, as well as the carousel again. Just magnificent.

After a lot of pondering we figured what we wanted for dinner: pizza on the shore. One of the pizza places had ricotta cheese pizza. I don't think I've had that before, because if I did, I would never have been able to eat anything else. I'm still licking my lips hoping to get a few molecules of that back again. Just magnificent.

We saw out the close of the pier, with all the lights turning off and the rides shutting down, and even the boardwalk games shuttered themselves. The day was over, and we said our goodbyes to Seaside Heights, to go back to our temporary Toms River home.

In the municipal parking lot there were two other cars.

Trivia: By the end of 1866 Dr S S Law's Gold Indicator Company had fifty subscribers to telegraphic reports of market prices in the New York Gold Exchange. Source: The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's Oline Pioneers, Tom Standage. (Standage doesn't say when the Company started, but from context it was apparently after the Civil War concluded.)

Currently Reading: The Global Transformation of Time, 1870 - 1950, Vanessa Ogle.

PS: What's looking good at Cedar Point?


Evening light making Raptor (the green roller coaster) and the Casino in the distance look really, really good. Taken from the ValRavn queue.


More of Raptor and the Casino looking so very good in the evening, autumn light. GateKeeper is the tiny blue pair of arches on the far right, above the horizon line.


Turkeys who are very busy with their projects in the petting zoo and do not have time for your issues, thank you.

PPS: The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Well-Ordering Principle, which lets me do about my favorite thing in the world: start with a joke and use it to prove all numbers have prime factorizations. So I guess I understand why everyone treated me like that in middle school.

Work Post

Sep. 20th, 2017 12:59 pm
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1:20pm - I managed to sleep relatively reasonable hours last night and decided to come out to the McDonalds at around noon. Now it's time to work. I've got an uncoloured drawing of my adventurer from the front, but I would like to have eight directional movement. We'll see if I can make diagonal look passable or not after I get the other three cardinal directions done.

2:41pm - Well the internet is out so I don't know if I'll be able to post this or not. I'll try to save it if I have to. Anyways I've got my adventurer drawn in four directions and I think I'm going to skip the other four. It should be fine for now.

I'm going to start exporting the vectors into png sprites and importing them into Unity.

4:38pm - Time flies when you're arting! I've also got internet back.

I just imported all the sprites to Unity and now I get to try and put them together. ^.^;;

4:58pm - I'm getting tired, worn-out, and hungry, so I ordered some food and I'm going to take a break shortly. I just want to finish putting the sprites together in the scene.

5:59pm - Alright I've got my dude in there but I can't animate him without a lot more work, so I'm going to leave that for another day.

STORY: Justice Ch. 11

Sep. 20th, 2017 05:30 pm
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“Government Counsel shall go first.”

“Thank you, your Honor.” The lemur turned to the jury. “Ladies and gentlefurs, there is only one decision you can come to. The accused is guilty as charged. He confessed his guilt previously in a plea bargain. One only does so if one believes they are guilty and believe they’re getting a better deal by not going to trial. During his time in the Circle, he confessed that he had pled guilty. There is no question of his guilt, which I’m sure you will agree to after deliberation.” She pointed to Aldin. “The victim is a kind soul and has requested leniency. You can grant leniency by reducing the sentence, but don’t let the accused get away with attempted murder.” She sat down.

The ferret immediately got up and paced in front of the jury, all the while making eye contact with every member. “My client should never have been accused of attempted murder. Even the ‘victim’ has told you he is innocent of that charge and if it were possible to extradite the accused to the victim’s home world, he’s push to have the charges dropped against my client. Parliament charged him with fighting, nothing more. As you have listened to the testimony of my client, the ‘victim,’ and others, it is clear that my client is the actual victim here and not the perpetrator. He was baited into a fight by the ‘victim’ who intentionally broke the laws of Parliament and hospitalized my client in the process.” He pointed at Aldin. “The ‘victim’ admitted as such immediately after the fight and again here in testimony! If you find my client guilty, you are only adding to the injustices Mr. Enhray has endured.” The ferret sat down.

Judge Perraul turned to the jury and gave them final instructions. They exited the courtroom.


The news otter stared into a camera drone. “This is Jerrico, WNN, once again reporting to you live from outside the Alisferil Region Court House in Forestdale, where we are now on day three of the jury’s deliberations in the trial of former Alisferil Representative Enhray, accused of attempted murder of Al-den Bush-E-tail, Terran Embassahder of the Nah-mah-cant-ah Free Squirrels…” he trailed off as he listened to something in his earpiece. “It appears the jury has made a decision. We take you now inside the court room.”


“All rise!” All did so as Judge Perraul entered and sat. Everyone else then sat.

“The jury may enter.” The jury did so and took their seats. Judge Perraul turned to the chosen spokesperson for the jury who remained standing. “Enhray, the accused, is charged with attempted murder of Embassahder Al-den Bush-E-tail. Have you have come to a unanimous decision?

“Yes, your honor. On the charge of attempted murder,” he paused,” we find Mr. Ehnray is guilty as charged.” The visitors’ gallery was filled with gasps of disbelief as security guards stepped forward to restrain Ehnray. “And.”

Judge Perraul looked at the spokesperson. “And?”

“While most present know our justice system, the victim, may not. So I will explain and then move forward with the ‘and’. While the jury is responsible for determining the guilt or innocence of a perpetrator on the charges presented to them, they may also determine other charges the perpetrator is guilty of based on the testimony presented in the case. As stated previously, Mr. Enhray has been found guilty of attempted murder. After long deliberations, we had no choice in that as he had already plead guilty to the charge previously. Even though it was allowed to be withdrawn, we could not ignore that. Per our laws a guilty plea cannot be withdrawn by the perpetrator.

“As for the ‘And’, though wild cousin squirrel is legal to hunt here in Alisferil Region, it is not legal to hunt it in the Capital District where the fight took place as the Capital District is a designated preserve zone. As part of his testimony, Mr. Ehnray has admitted to attempting to hunt the Embassahder whom he deemed a wild cousin at the time. So, in addition to attempted murder, we find him guilty of attempted poaching. The jury recommends a sentence on the lesser charge of three months prison time.”

Judge Perraul nodded. “And on the attempted murder charge?”

“Due to the status of the victim, Mr. Ehnray should get ten years.” He paused as Enhray’s wife started to weep. Enhray glared over at Aldin as the security guards held him in place.

“However, due to the request for leniency by the victim, we recommend the minimum sentence allowed, two years.”

“The jury has found that the perpetrator is guilty of two charges. The sentences shall be concurrent. The perpetrator shall serve two years in prison minus time already served,” Judge Perraul hammered his gavel once and then looked directly at Aldin. “Is the victim satisfied with the sentence?”

(chatterspit) “No, I am not satisfied, your Honor,” Aldin replied as his tail lashed out back and forth in agitation. “I am deeply disappointed. The humans of my world have a similar inefficient and sometimes unjust joo-dish-al system. I had hoped for a better outcome here.”

“Mr. Ehnray’s sentence has been reduced. However, if you are not satisfied, you may request a retrial as is your right.”

“No, your Honor. Based on what the jury’s speaker stated, I believe that would be a waste of everyone’s time at this point.”

The guards struggled in restraining Enhray. “We had a deal, tree rat!”

“Yes, Enhray, we did and that deal still stands. Please be patient. You’ll go home shortly. I promise,” Aldin replied as he pulled his personal flat panel off his back and started tapping.

“Embassahder, you don’t seem to understand,” Judge Perraul said. “The perpetrator will be escorted back to prison immediately as he’s been found guilty.”

“I understand, your Honor. However, he will not be returning to prison. I do not know if you have ever played games of chance involving,” he paused a moment and switched to English for the next word, “cards. I am not even sure if you have ‘cards’ here as I have not yet seen anything like it here. So, I do not know if the phrase I am about to utter will make any sense. I promised Enhray I have ‘an ace up my sleeve’ should things go wrong at trial. I just need a moment, please.”

Aldin finished tapping a code on his flat panel. Against a wall near the judge a purple light came on one of the wall panels. Aldin went to it and held his paw where it could be scanned. Text appeared on screen requesting an eye scan. After the scan, Aldin blinked a few times from the bright light as the light on the panel turned green.

“Paw and retina prints confirmed,” uttered a female computer voice. “Please state the verbal password for voice print confirmation.”

Aldin uttered in English, “Found guilty, proceed.” He then switched to chitterspeak, “chitterchatterchitchit.”

“Voice print matches. Password accepted.”

A middle age vixen appeared on screen.

“You probably know who I am, but to make this official, I will identify myself. This is citizen Mara of the Northeastern Hills Region, a research chemist. I served as Chancellor of the 805th Session of the United Earth Parliament that ended just over 2 months ago.

“Embassahder Aldin Bush-E-tail has informed me that former Representative Ehnray was sent to prison not for the two months he should have served for fighting on the floor of Parliament but for five years for attempted murder.”

“Parliament has its own sets of rules and laws that govern it outside of normal law. Those laws are in place to protect those who serve. For example, an employer cannot fire a citizen chosen to serve while they are away serving in Parliament.” Her eyes narrowed as she glared at the camera. “I am not pleased that someone overrode the recommendations of Parliament and I have filed a complaint with my current Representative. I promise you, this will be investigated as it is an attempt to undermine the powers granted to Parliament.”

“Though once again a private citizen, as I have served as Chancellor there is one power I retain for life. I can grant clemency to a perpetrator for crimes committed during the time period I served as Chancellor. The Embassaher has requested I use this power in this instance. I take that power seriously. As I informed the Embassahder. I have decided that I would only use it IF former Representative Ehnray went through a jury trial and was still found guilty. Sadly, if you are watching this pre-recorded message than that has occurred.

“By the power invested in me, I, Mara, Chancellor of the 805th Session of the United Earth Parliament do hereby grant Ehnray the Pine Marten of Alisferil Region clemency for any and all crimes he has been found guilty of that occurred during the period of time I served as Chancellor. As this strikes all criminal charges from his record he is to immediately be set free.

“I need a minimum of three members of that Parliament to agree in order to make this grant of clemency official. It turns out I am not the only one to find this interference in matters of Parliament troubling. Following this message you will find twenty members concur with granting clemency to Mr. Ehnray. If I had had more time, I suspect I would have had more willing to concur.”

Mara’s image faded from the screen to be replaced by recorded messages from twenty members of Parliament, which appeared one after the other, all stating their name, what region they had represented during the 805th session, and that they concurred with the grant of clemency. The court room was silent as all watched. When the screen finally went blank, Judge Perraul stared at the blank screen and then looked down at Aldin.

“I have never heard of a Chancellor using that power before.”

“It was last used about seventy years ago to allow a dying perpetrator to die at home among their family. You may research it if you wish, your Honor, to make sure it is legal. You’ll find it in…”

“No need. I saw the steps you had to go through to initiate playback of the secure message. It is extremely rare to require more than two forms of verification.” Judge Perraul looked up and around the chamber. “As the charges in question occurred on the floor of the 805th Parliament and the Chancellor of that session of Parliament has granted clemency, let any records of the charges and punishment for Mr. Ehnray be struck from the records. He is free to go.” The bear hammered his gavel and the courtroom erupted in cheers from all except government counsel. She simply glared across the room at the small squirrel.

Phyllis and Enhray’s three children rushed down to the floor and enveloped Enhray in a group hug. When they broke up Aldin cautiously approached Enhray and offered a paw in handshake. Enhray refused the paw. Instead, he scooped the small squirrel up in a hug. Cameras flashed. “Thank you,” he whispered. “But please don’t ever come near me again, Embassahder. You smell too tasty. I don’t want to be tempted like that again.”

Jose, go home, your drunk! (still)

Sep. 20th, 2017 05:49 am
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Jose has weakened to a tropical storm, though as I noted yesterday, it looks more like a cold core nor'easter and not like a warm core tropical system. The center of Jose is currently sitting a few hundred miles southwest of NYC. Basically, pull Mass off the map, lay it out at a southwest angle from NYC and the center of Jose would be sitting on the tip of Cape Cod. The outer bands of Jose are raining on eastern Long Island, RI, and Cape Cod. We have heavy swells up here in Maine.

Long range forecast shows Jose continues to be a drunk. It should transition to extra-tropical (ie cold core) status later today or tomorrow. I can't believe the hurricane hunter planes they've sent through it keep finding evidence of a warm core system based on what I see on satellite photos. Anyway, Jose will continue to meander in a second loop off Cape Cod and hang around through part of next week where it will either dissipate or get absorbed by Maria.

I wonder if we'll lose any tourists to them as we have in the past. What happens is tourists will get too close to the waves for that perfect picture, get caught in one and swept out to sea.

Meanwhile, Maria has "weakened" from 165mph (265kmph) to 155mph (249kmph), so a maximum Cat 4 instead of a Cat 5. Damage potential--not much difference for the folks in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, where Maria is currently in the process of crossing over.

As kind of mentioned above, Maria is forecasted to head-up the Eastern Seaboard basically on the same path as Jose without looping. It may clip Cape Cod next Wed-Thurs and then brush by Nova Scotia and clip southwestern Newfoundland by next weekend.

as I was walking...

Sep. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
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Actually, I was settled in one place, come to think.

Anyway, so Cambridge (the College) has moved, and unexpectedly postponed the start of classes for a week due to what seem to have been electrical and networking issues, so classes only just started. (I did various Useful Things at home during the week, but, confronted with an extension of my vacation, I also shrugged and vacated some more. I went to Nut Island one day, and then World's End over the weekend, after which I had the entertaining experience of watching the fog roll in on Nantasket Beach. Rarely does it happen so clearly. Also got to watch the sunset at the endpoint of Hull. Mmm. Waves.)

Getting back to the point, here, it's already become clear from three days' worth of evidence that if I leave campus at a certain point, I will miss my useful bus home. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose, it's just, the way class and the subway and the busses work out, I barely miss the last bus before they transition from every-20-minutes-or-so, and hit the valley of the one bus that's a 40 minute wait. (After that they're every half hour.)

Since my various travels of August and September disrupted my gym routine (and then I was sick for a few days), and I haven't gotten back into it, what I have been doing lately is walking more. Running into this bus valley enables me to mutter and, rather than waiting in irritation, I stop by the grocery store/food co-op, and then am able to walk 3/4 of a mile or so until the next bus comes. (The way to do this is to walk until I see the inbound bus coming, at which point I stop at the next bus stop and wait for the outbound return, because to be caught between bus stops would be *annoying*, yo.)

In this particular instance, I had just stopped at the bus stop and was (I admit) looking at my phone when a guy coming out of a cross street whammed into the woman driving on the main street, right in front of me. (Durnell Ave at Washington St. No one cares but me.)

More detail than one needs on an accident. )

So! Good deed completed, I left and went down to the bus stop with a bench, and hung out reading until the bus came.

Waffling over classes. )
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So we went for power-riding. First, Hydrus, the new roller coaster. It's good-sized and beautiful and looks like the sort of thing to expect at Dorney Park. Dorney Park was in mind because they have a roller coster named Hydra: The Revenge, a subtitle that seems baffling until you learn that over there, Hydra replaced a roller coaster named Hercules. We were also amused that they went with a less-feminine-sounding name for the Hydra, but, well, Hydrus is a creature from medieval bestiaries, as well as a constellation (which Wikipedia says is the thing being referred to here), so I guess why not? The hydrus of bestiaries was a Nile River creature that's some kind of water snake, although it's also been given the properties of otters, birds, dragons, and mongooses so good luck pinning that down. The ride sign uses a dragon head for its icon.

The ride warned to leave in the lockers stuff like cell phones and cameras, and I fell for that the first time around. Later times I just stuffed my camera in my cargo-pants pocket the next time and that was fine. Not sure what they're afraid of except maybe people taking selfies on the ride. The ride starts with a vertical ascent, riders on their back, going up a good seventy feet before tipping over and dropping straight down. And then there's a bunch of loops and twists and rolls, a short, beautiful, and fast ride. If it's got a flaw --- and I'm not sure it is --- it's that it's difficult to get a good view of the pier from altitude when on it; you're high up and moving slowly for only brief glimpses. It's quite good, and that it was on a pier that still smelled of lots of new wood freshly nailed down only helped the feeling. We'd ride it several times, sometimes among groups of people who didn't seem to quite know how many were in the party and so were slow about getting into the eight-person car.

We also got to the Pirate's Hideaway. It was the only roller coaster we'd ridden on our original, first date that was still there. (Hot Tamales was there, but we hadn't ridden it our first date, and anyway it wasn't running on our anniversary.) It's changed since the storm, in that the roof had been taken off a formerly-indoors ride. It's not made a difference in how the ride moves, of course, although it means the lack of scenery stands out. In the mostly dark you have the extra excitement from, well, not seeing where you're going. In the light, well, I'm not going to protest a roller coaster, even that's a small one.

And then a couple other things on the pier. The Moby Dick, with the seats swinging side to side in that wonderful dizzying way. I didn't appreciate until [profile] bunny_hugger pointed out how regional these seem to be. There had been a Moby Dick at Casino Pier going back to time immemorial, or at least 2008, but I don't know if the current machine they have is the same one they had before the storm.

And the carousel. Of course we went to the carousel. We went first to the pair of mounts we'd ridden that first date, the ones with our middle names on them. I forget if we had the ride to ourselves or not. I do know we were disappointed that the band organ wasn't playing, and we worried that something had broken and not been repaired, or worse, to it. Well, the band organ mechanism was certainly there. Maybe it was just off, albeit for a Friday right before a holiday that seems strange. On the other hand the crowd seemed light to me; maybe we just weren't there on a busy enough day.

We only had two hours on the unlimited-rides wristband, although that did turn out to be enough for all the rides we really wanted to get on. The pendulum-claw and dubiously-tastefully-named ride Super Storm we've been on before and it's not a kind that [profile] bunny_hugger cares for anyway; similarly with the Disk'O. There's a giant Ferris wheel but, again, that's not the sort of thing [profile] bunny_hugger cares for. The reverse bungee? Not likely, although watch this space.

We did rush for the carousel at the time our wristbands were set to expire and were of course caught behind a bizarrely slow group trying to get on without success. This let us in on a secret of the two-hour limit on the wristbands: they actually encoded two hours fifteen minutes, enough margin to avoid anyone complaining about normal disagreements about the hour. We were able to use this to get a last-minute ride on the carousel and an overtime ride on Hydrus.

And eventually even our overtime ended, and we just had to be where we were.

Trivia: George Washington granted Margaret Arnold safe passage from West Point to Philadelphia after her husband Benedict's treason was discovered. Source: The Uncertain Revolution: Washington and the Continental Army at Morristown, John T Cunningham. (The extent of Margaret Arnold's involvement in her husband's treason is unclear.)

Currently Reading: The Global Transformation of Time, 1870 - 1950, Vanessa Ogle.

PS: Roller coasters! And stuff.


Launch station for Top Thrill Dragster, the tallest and briefest roller coaster at the park. We don't go on it much since the ride is too brief and one-trick for the usual wait. But if the ride is almost a walk-on? Yeah, that's worth it.


Water tower watch: the new water tower (left) had finished being painted by our Halloweekends visit, and we expected the century-old water tower (right) to be demolished by our next visit. It wasn't.


Afternoon clouds behind the ValRavn roller coaster, and a heavily renovated part of the midway.

Work Post

Sep. 19th, 2017 03:18 am
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5:13am - Geez gravy. I think I've been here at the McDonalds two hours already and I haven't started work yet, I just looked at Twitter (so many tweets today!) and watched some YouTube.

But I guess I've run those distractions into the ground and it's time to actually get started.

Well one thing first. I want to say I was really frustrated with yesterday. I hadn't planned to spend the entire day in bed, but I just found myself incapable of getting up again after I laid back down after writing about Rosewood Cottage. Not until after midnight, anyways. I woke up and fell asleep at least six times yesterday, but couldn't find the will to get out of bed. And worst of all is that I didn't feel depressed. I didn't feel bad for no apparent reason, or even for an obvious reason. I was just being lazy. That's really upsetting.

But, well, it happened. And now I'm here to work again.

Heh, I'll get to the work eventually, I just remembered another thing. When I finally did get up I talked with my mysterious inner circle and they said they loved the ideas I talked about for Rosewood Cottage. They suggested I make both, or one game with all those themes. Like, a quaint town of talking animals which is surrounded by magical realism, where magical forest creatures entreat your help as the inheritor of a mystic debt as the impetus for you exploring the magical domain you live in.

That is pretty darn rad, I have to say. It's a better idea than most I come up with when I'm awake, anyways. But it's more of a setting or story prompt than an actual game. So it'll have to wait for the future. Still, I want to comment on Rupert. Have you ever read the books or seen the show? He lives in a totally bizzare world and goes on some frickin' insane adventures, while living a relatively normal life in a quaint english country village of talking animals.

Alright, now I really should stop talking about that stuff and get down to work. I have a top-down character controller to make.

The main problem I've got with the basic character controller you can get from the Unity Tutorials on the Unity Website is that I want my character to stop under their own power and not just by friction. So, when the controls are released or reversed they should quickly stop and turn the other way. I'd kind of like to set up an animated sprite for this, but I don't want to go to that trouble of arting something I'm only going to use for testing.

Part of my problem is that I only like using CC0 assets for my games, even in testing, since otherwise people expect you to give them credit or worse. I don't need that kind of stress for assets I might accidentally include in my game later.

So I made my own thing that's basically eight sprites of a bouncy ball with a face in four directions. But I could make a much better character if I spent most of the day on it. Le-sigh.

I'm going to focus on the coding for now. Currently it just takes the smoothed axis data from the keyboard/gamepad/whatever and applies a force in the direction indicated multiplied by the speed value set in the inspector, and it only slows down or stops because of the Linear Drag set in the RigidBody2D Component.

I want to change it so that it adds a force required to stop the player when the controller enters the dead zone or reverses, or when the movement keys are released or reversed.

6:10am - Actually, I've gotten it to a way I like just by changing it to GetAxisRaw and using the drag and speed variables.

So, what am I going to do with this super basic top-down character controller?

6:21am - One bathroom break later I'm still not sure what to do next. I thought I had chosen a destination, but it seems I just said "Any of these things need a top-down character controller and a few similar elements" and now I've got a basic top-down character controller that doesn't really do anything...


I could make some basic elements just to have them I guess. Like, something to load levels from Tiled would be nice.

I could also make a simple game like my Smol Mouse Thief only this time make it a top-down 2D game with certain elements included for options, like, I could make my guy swing a sword like Link and shoot a gun like, uh, I dunno, I'm thinking something like those guys from Smash TV. What's a better example? Oh I know one, I want to make frickin' 2D Spiral Knights. Sword and gun and maybe shield and maybe dodge and maybe bomb...

Then I can add and remove elements as needed by the game I'm making.

Frankly, Spiral Knights is one of those games I'd like to remake entirely and "Do it My Way".

Huh, on a lark I went to see if three rings was hiring and apparently they're gone, replaced by Gray Havens, a group dedicated to keeping their old games alive. Also Gray Havens has no corporate info on their site so I guess they're not hiring anyways...

6:42am - It's becoming clearer and clearer that I'm going to need some art resources for my next step, and I'm going to have to make them myself. The difficult question for me is, single sprites or collections?

I could make a set of classic style sprites for each frame and pose I want, or I could draw some simple shapes and animate them into poses in Unity itself. I guess I'm going with the second one, right now it feels like the right choice. It's much easier to do, but I don't know how to do it exactly. I know Unity can do it; I've seen it done. But all the examples of it I've seen had pregenerated characters. So, this'll be an interesting learning experience for me.

7:16am - I watched a couple tutorials and it doesn't look so bad. I also tried to get a copy of Spriter but their website is messed up right now so I can't. I'll have to try again when I get home, in case it's a McDonalds problem.

For now I'll try to make my character parts in Inkscape.

7:42am - I've been looking for good advice online for drawing top down characters for video games. Most of the advice is for professional artists trying to make some professional level art, though. ^.^;;

8:26am - I'm workin' on drawin' my dude. I'm feeling a little worn out and hungry though, and I've realized just how long I've been out here at the McDonalds. So I'mma get sommat to eat for lunch and take a break.

9:11am - Back to work I guess.

10:06am - Dude is drawn! At least in one direction anyways. I've got bits I can mutate into other bits. I'm getting pretty worn out though. I've been out a long time working on all this. I think it's about time I went home and rested.

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Sep. 19th, 2017 07:07 am
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I have a two-step process to confirm if Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is the right otome for you.

First, I must inform you the game contains body negativity and name-calling. The heroine is called sow, pig, etc., as Saito tries to goad her into dieting. He also calls her a bitch a few times. She refers to herself as "slant-eyed" on multiple occasions. If you can tolerate this, go to the next step.

Now, I will need you to view the image under the cut. Please be advised this image may be disturbing to more sensitive viewers.

Read more... )

Still game? Okay, let's get to it. FLML is best described as an irreverent parody that occasionally breaks the fourth wall. It has two main routes and a third unlockable 3P route. The heroine, Ema, is a tall recluse who wants to eat pizza and be left alone, but when she crosses paths with two handsome guys, one who claims she is his "muse" and is obsessed with designing clothes for her, and another who demands that she let him be her producer, she can't get a moment of peace. They won't leave her alone until she agrees to be their model, and then the real torture starts as they whip her into shape and force her to wear embarrassing clothing.

Read more... )

STORY: Justice Ch. 9

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:10 pm
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“The Government’s next witness is unable to travel here, but is in a court room in her home region,” stated the lemur representing the Government’s case against Enhray. She tapped a button on her flat panel. A three-dimensional hologram materialized in the witness circle showing a good rendition of Aouphril. Aldin was fascinated with the technology as he looked on. The image of Aouphril looked about. She looked off slightly to one side and stifled a yawn.

“This appears to be working at my end, but the flat panel in this room is to one side. So, when asked a question, I’ll be looking to one side. I’ll do my best to remember to look at the camera when answering questions, Counsel,” Aouphril stated. “My apologies if I look sleepy. It is the middle of the night in my time zone.”

The lemur nodded. She then started. “Please state who you are, where you are from, and your occupation.”

“I am Aouphril, mate of Orlan. I live in the Northeast Hills Region. I am a student in my final year at Nadowahoc College.”

“How long have you known the victim, Ms. Aouphril.”

“Since his arrival in our world approximately three months ago. I was the first citizen he encountered.”

“According to the records you spent time in quarantine with him.”

“That is correct, Counsel. Orlan and I both spent time in quarantine with Aldin. So did the doctor who tended to his broken arm and two orderlies who came into contact with him that first evening at the clinic.”

“While in quarantine, you watched the proceedings of Parliament?”

“Yes. Aldin was preparing to be questioned by Parliament. So, we watched the proceedings in preparation.”

“What did he say to you about that upcoming meeting?”

“Seeing some of the factions in the chamber, he feared he would be attacked. He warned me when it happened to be brave and do what I felt was necessary. I didn’t believe it would come to that, but it did.”

“There is video documentation of the resulting encounter,” the lemur stated. “However, I want to know what was going through your mind when the accused charged down on the floor.”

Aouphril lashed her tail back and forth. The tip blinked in and out of existence as it lashed out past the hologram sensors. “When Representative Enhray charged down on the floor and called Aldin a ‘Tree Rodent’, I was highly insulted. I was raised to give proper respect to other species. If I had used a similar term for another species in the hearing of my mother, she’d have twerked my ear so hard it would be sore for a week.”

“How did the victim react?”

“He didn’t react, which surprised me, for I knew he knew what the two words by themselves were. Then he said it back to Representative Enhray as part of his name. Enhray snarled calling Aldin a ‘talking lunch’ and leapt at him. Aldin rolled backwards, kicked-upwards with his hind paws and Enhray crashed into the Chancellor’s podium. It happened so quickly that the fight was over as soon as it had begun. I was too shocked to react at that moment.”

“But you did react afterward, correct?”

“Yes. Aldin surrendered the visitor’s circle and was escorted out of the chamber. I immediately stepped into it recalling Aldin’s instructions to do what I felt needed to be done after the fight. Not if there was a fight in his words, but after the fight.”

“And what did you say to Parliament?”

“I called shame on them for their failure to stop Enhray. I told them how we’d now be at war with Aldin’s people if he had been an official representative sent by them to us.”

“Thank you. No further questions, your Honor.”

Judge Perraul looked to the ferret. “Your witness.”

The ferret did not pace in front of the hologram as he had done with face-to-face witnesses. “Ms. Aouphril, you’ve known the victim since his arrival on Earth, correct?”


“And you assisted him in preparing to face Parliament?”

“Yes. I now know more about Parliamentary procedures then I’ll ever need to know unless my name comes up in the Lottery.”

“And he was one of the witnesses to your marriage to your mate…” the ferret glanced at his flatpanel a moment, “Orlan?”


“And the victim has continued to live with you and your mate since that time until the present?”


The ferret turned to the jury. “Please take note that this witness is very close to the victim and as such, her testimony may be influenced by that closeness.”

Aouphril’s fur bristled. The ferret raised his free hand briefly. “My apologies, Ms. Aouphril. I do not mean to insult you. But it is a fact you have been very close to the victim since his arrival and the jury needs to know that.” The ferret brushed a finger upward on the flat panel, looking for something a moment and then nodded. “While in quarantine, what exactly did the victim say to you in regards to a potential fight in the Parliament chamber?”

“That he expected there would be a fight.”

“Regardless of what he did?”


“Did he make any indication that he might start said fight?”

Aouphril hesitated a moment and then answered softly, “yes.”

“A little louder please.”

“Yes. Aldin said he believed the only way to get the faction of Parliament that believed he was just a wild cousin who was taught a few tricks to see he was more than that would be if there was a fight. He believed one of them would attack him, but if necessary, he’d start a fight to prove his point.”

“Per your testimony to Government Counsel, the victim knew what the terms ‘Tree’ and ‘Rodent’ where. Yet, he didn’t seem to react to them as every other squirrel in the chamber did when they were said in combination.”

“That is correct.”

“Yet he did understand the term. Per his own testimony here and in the video documentation,” the ferret tapped an icon on his flat panel and Aldin appeared on screen:

“I was fully aware he was trying to insult me with the term ‘tree ro-dent’ or as we say in English, ‘tree rat’. I knew he wood leap for me if I tossed the insult back at him in the way I did, playing in-no-sent and assuming the insult was part of his name.”

“Members of the jury, the victim started the fight per his own testimony and that of Ms. Aouphril. He wanted the accused to attack him.” He turned back to the holograph of Aouphril. “Thank you, Ms. Aouphril. I have no further questions.
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