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I keep describing them as "Zelda on fast-forward" but there's really nothing much LIKE the Ys games around anymore, they're this weird fusion of action-adventure dungeon exploration with light-speed swordsmanship and boss fights that become insane bullet-hell festivals of dodging and counterattacking. I deeply love the series though and I'm always glad to play through another.

I previous played Ys 1+2 except I didn't say much about it at the time due to depression. Oath reminded me why I play and love Falcom's games so much though -- Every townsperson has a warm personality that comes through strongly in a memorable way, every dungeon has an interesting gimmick or two that doesn't wear out its welcome too much, and every bit of magic or item you find is an interesting game-changer.

I can't overgeneralize this across ALL their games, but I've really yet to find one that DOESN'T somehow resonate with me, at least in their modern era. (I mean I have a weak spot for Legacy of the Wizard too, but you don't see me going back to complete that, do you? Ahaha. Do you? Oh god with a FAQ I probably could...)

A couple of boss fights got me really stuck, but somehow I think I made it through this one without ever getting the "CONSULT AN FAQ ALREADY" achievement for boning up a boss fight 11 times in a row. I did however constantly finish fights with around 5% health left... I suppose I'm JUST at the threshhold of the Normal difficulty I played on. Not quite Easy, miles and miles from hard. I can live with that. I have A Little Bit of skill at video games after so many years.

That's good enough!

[EDIT] OH HEY right I forgot to mention, the series turned 30 while I was playing this! Kind of surprised me, I didn't do that on purpose. Cool coincidence though!
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