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At the start of this game it openly invites you to grab a snack and a drink, settle in, and just chill. Relax. Enjoy the large amounts of text and the experience of choosing drinks for hackers, androids, talking corgis and camgirls in a cyberdystopia.

So I did that. And I got the ending where you run outta money and can't pay the rent. In fact at one point I was sitting there, rent due tomorrow, $2000 short... so I loaded up the heroine's PC98 and played a masochistic bullet hell shooter for a couple hours to take my mind off what a shitsack universe she lived in. Man, even my escapism needs escapism nowadays.

That's not to say this is a bad game. It's great. I love the writing, I love interacting with people by giving them drinks. I love the soundtrack deeply. Did I mention the writing? This game is primarily about reading the textbox and that doesn't hold up if it's BAD text. I feel emotionally invested. I cried a little. I made a deep and enduring friendship out of an ex-cop, an idol singer, and a tiny android who loves getting plowed like a farmer's field.

I played Truth or Dare with a shiba-inu and that was worth the price of admission alone.

Just, y'know. If I want a good end, I'm gonna have to replay this (and they give you a fast-forward button so okay) and keep my funds topped up so I can make the giant-ass rent payment at the end of the game.

Free advice: "Being Distracted" just means you don't get a reminder of what the customer wants/suggestions on what else to give them. Keep a notepad handy and you can save some money. At the end of the game you're gonna want like $10,000 to make rent. I think it's possible on a first run if you're careful and don't, y'know, buy a PC98 and a masochistic bullet hell shooter.

Other Free Advice: 'Hidden' under the plus sign on the title screen are two miniscenarios that take place before the start of the game. They do not include a tutorial. Start the game, play through the tutorial, save and quit when you get a chance, and play those two scenarios before you REALLY start the game.

Also now I have to buy 2064: Read Only Memories which takes place in the same universe-setting as this one. So... this game sold me a second, different game.

Damnit. This backlog is not getting any smaller.

A more coherent, less babbling writeup is available at the blog of [profile] renagadefolkhero.

[EDIT]: Went back the next day and got the Good End and the various Character Ends. Basically adds a long string of epilogues and epilogues-to-the-epilogues. Made a lot of people's lives better. Still some mysteries... but those feel good. It's cyberpunk. You're not supposed to solve it all out.

Strong recommend on this one if you like LOTS OF TEXT and don't mind playing a game twice with a guide at your side.


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