Jul. 7th, 2017

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I am not particularly a fan of Game of Thrones. I think I started reading the novels and got to ... around book three before I realized suddenly I didn't know who anyone I was reading about was or what they were doing or why I should care. That's in part my awful memory and in part "too many characters and sideplots" but nope, sorry, I'm out.

(I WAS a Wheel of Time fan and then Perrin fucked off into the woods for like four solid books never to touch the plot again and I didn't care anymore, but that was where my loyalties ended up in the Great Epic Fantasy War that never actually happened.)

I am a fan of Telltale's games, although it's a little embarrassing to admit that. By now everyone knows that they have just the one trick, right? They do basically interactive television, you walk through an episode and it plays the story at you and you pretend your choices mattered and you never ever replay it because you will see they did not.

When I'm away from Telltale's stuff for a while I convince myself I can see the Matrix and I know where all the strings are and so on. They won't get me again. Then you hand me one and I actually start to think what I do matters again.

Maybe it does matter. I always advocate for dialogue options and narrative choices, even if it's ultimately a branching funnel that goes to the same destination. The illusion of mattering is more important to me than actually mattering. I said that back when I played Star Billions and I say it here too.

Anyway my total lack of investment in the pre-existing universe let me play this game like I had two fists full of dynamite and wanted a hug. I chose whatever selections looked narratively interesting, not what selections I thought would bring about the best outcome. I roleplayed Asher Forester as having an erection for murder bigger than would fit in his pants and I played Mira Forester as a butt-kissing magnet looking for the biggest power-booty she could smooch.

Everyone largely died, because hey! Game of Thrones! It's the meme! Still I would be down for a theoretical season 2 for two reasons:

A: It would be interesting to see what minute ripples were caused.
B: They didn't fucking finish the FIRST one, it ends on a couple of cliffhangers. Thanks, Telltale.

In short: This game was free on PS+ and I absolutely got more entertainment out of it than I have other free games on there, but I still don't want to go binge-watch the books or read the TV show. I was just here to kick over a couch or two, suplex the serving staff and pour wine into Tyrion. Call me up when there's a second season but I'm off to greener, less bloody pastures.


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