Jun. 28th, 2017

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I was in a depressed mood this morning and decided to do something mindless and doofy to cheer up, so I put on a Hidden Object Game. Unlike the last time I tried doing that, I didn't feel insulted or pissed off at all by the end of it.

That's not to say it was great, but it killed some time.

A family of four are touring a museum when their pet cat (which the daughter brought along because otherwise this story wouldn't have started) escapes into a real Egyptian tomb. Centuries ago, the EVIL PHARAOH sealed his GOOD PHARAOH brother in the tomb as a mummy, and cursed him to stay there forever unless I guess four dorkshites pass through and free him somehow.

Each family member has a thing they can do: The brother can use goggles that detect the mystical metals pharaohs make puzzles out of, the daughter has a time amulet that lets her see what a room looked like when the puzzle in it was solved correctly, the dad has a shovel, crowbar, and sledgehammer making him the most useful son of a bitch ever to enter a hidden object game, and the mom has a diary which has the hint system in it.

I am a little worried about the brother though. He takes one look at the old "Weigh your heart against a feather" routine and...

Sister: "They weigh your heart and if the sins you've accumulated are greater than this feather, you can never pass on."
Brother: "...well I'll never be able to pass that test."

Dude you're fucking TEN what have you DONE?

So you... go and solve a bunch of stuff and the daughter can see ghosts and assures you that the good pharaoh has passed along to wherever good pharaohs go at the end, and that's that. Like I have the feeling the framework story was sort of grafted on at the last minute because "A bunch of dorks get stuck, then unstuck from a temple" wasn't really enough of a plot even for a hidden object game.

Whatever. I do feel more cheerful now, so goal accomplished.


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