Jun. 26th, 2017

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I... nnnhg. Mhf. Uh.

I can't even say this game was BAD. This game wasn't bad at all.

It was however extremely French.

You're some variety of plant eyeball with a gliding option. One day a giant nose person comes to your pastoral tree planet and starts dropping killer red gears around. Technology is bad, so you set out on a quest to collect between 200-400 floating dandelion seeds per level as you platform around to stop the nose person's plans.

Along the way you meet the plant eyeball who can puff up and stick to things and the plant eyeball who can roll up into a sphere and bounce. This is where I stopped because I just...

It's not like it's bad! It's well made, non-crashy, the physics are okay... I just don't CARE. Maybe I tried to play this at the wrong time. With Ori and the Blind Forest fresh in my memory a lot of platformers are going to come up REALLY SUPER SHORT and feel lacking.

Although if I have to compare it to something, it's more Rayman, and Rayman wins that comparison too because Rayman doesn't feel like it's physically beating you with a sense of aggressive forced whimsy. Like geez at least make your cutscenes skippable guys. I got that the nose dude is evil. I don't need to see him nose-trumpeting at his minions every few minutes.

Sooo yeah I dunno I just legit felt nothin' on this one.
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Everybody I know tells the same story about Bastion. It's a great game, but they never beat it. They got stuck on a Proving Ground challenge room and gave up.

Hell, the last time I tried to play Bastion (in 2012 according to the Steam achievements) I got stuck on a Proving Ground challenge and gave up. This time around I decided, fuck the challenge rooms I'm gonna just play through the story. This... didn't actually take too long, although I feel the game goes on about three missions longer than it actually needs to.

(Not sequentially. I would remove those three missions from somewhere in the middle. But it FEELS like there was a clump of raw dough right in the middle of the loaf. Maybe that's pacing. I dunno.)

Uhm... well, this was the Indie Darling of 2011, Proof that Indie Games Can Be Good. Y'know, it's STILL pretty darn good. Maybe the movement speed felt kinda slow coming off of Ys, maybe the art doesn't hold up quite as well as it used to (until I realized that Ruck's definition of "Kid" involves, like, ages 20-30 I thought I was playing as Old Kid from Invader Zim or something) but it's still a legit good game, moreso if you don't screw around trying to break 40 pots with three bow and arrow shots or whatever.

Spoilers. )

Just beat the game.
It's good.


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