Jun. 23rd, 2017

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Hi folks. It's the Steam Summer Sale, and that means Sqrlmog Land is all abuzz with visions of New Games.

It's also time for me to say I put a lot of time and energy and enthusiasm and such into writing this stuff. Maybe not so much the little capsule summaries, I'll admit. Those actually could really improve and I feel sort of bad they've gotten so lame. Those need to improve, and I admit it, and I am sorry for that.

The big involved multipart playblogs however I do put some time and energy into and I've occasionally wondered if, like... I should go Patreon or TipJar or Koffee or whatever the hell kind of money-making game they have nowadays, but I really don't feel like what I do is quite good enough for THAT either. I have a realistic expectation of what I deserve and it isn't so much that.

Still, I am always working to improve and pushing to get better at gaming, at playblogging, and I've even started to take timid steps back towards streaming again. If you enjoy what I write here, and you'd like to support me -- support which I MUST SAY IS OPTIONAL AND NOT SOMETHING Y'ALL SHOULD FEEL GUILTED TOWARDS -- I present my Steam wishlist. Please note that those not in the US may not be able to gift anything my way due to Dumb Reasons involving currency rates or something.

My wishlist can be found here.

Normal service will resume soon -- and I have another playblog planned (hopefully, if nothing goes wrong!) for next month, by the way. Mildred Benson's birthday is coming up. Prepare for another Drewblog!

Thank you.


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