Jun. 8th, 2017

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Late in Shadow Warrior, main character Lo Wang has just said something casually insensitive. He stops for a moment and gathers himself. "Sorry." he offers. "Reflex. I used to be an asshole."

Which is true. Lo Wang spends most of the game being a sword-waving guns-blazing asshole both inside his mind and out of it. Rich enough for fancy cars, with a secret cave where he keeps his bodysuit and his comic book collection, he's a smug pile of crap who accidentally stumbles into a supernatural something way bigger than himself.

It'd be interesting for someone smarter than me to compare this nerdy loud-mouthed Lo Wang to the elderly version from the original. The way game developers perceive "a cool character" has changed a lot since the early nineties. The original Shadow Warrior's Lo Wang had a wisecrack for every situation too, but he was played largely straight in a way this Lo Wang isn't. This Lo Wang can fuck up a catchphrase and berate himself for it, he's eager to believe anything that sounds cool, he's ... well, imperfect. An asshole.

I liked him. I liked this game, a bittersweet plot revolving around the shadow realm invading Earth with only Lo Wang and his demon partner Hoji to stop it. This naturally involves a ton of bullets, explosions everywhere, and more gory 'chunky salsa' than your local supermarket has shelf space for. I have no idea how they're going to continue this plotline in Shadow Warrior 2. Maybe I'll grab it in the Steam Summer Sale.

Anyway... Yeah, I liked it. I need an unabashedly cheeseball first-person shooter now and again. Clears debris out of the mind.


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