Jun. 5th, 2017

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Well this sure wasn't what I was expecting. Presented with a game made in RPGMaker, tagged "RPG" by presumably well-meaning folk... I instead get basically a heavily-linear character-driven adventure game. Not just an adventure game, but a functional point-and-click interface'd adventure game.

I didn't even know you COULD build a goddamn point-and-click adventure game in RPGMaker. How do you even DO that? There are some occasional pathing issues as your character tries to walk where you clicked and it's WAY too easy to accidentally get people into a loop of telling you about themselves because you keep clicking one time too many and selecting a dialogue option over and over... but the magic of the talking dog is not what it says, but that it speaks at all.

So. Space Pilgrim is a four-episode game about Gail Pilgrim, SPACE ADVENTURER... well, she'd kinda like to be. Instead she runs a service ferrying cargo and people back and forth between planets. Still, there's an oppressive government with jackbooted thugs, there's a secret android project, and there's a lot of trouble for Gail to fall into.

I feel like... hrm, how do I put this... the game was better at storytelling than it was at having a plot. The plot itself is fairly straightforward, cliche, and a bit whatever, but the character writing amused me enough that I was willing to forgive the characters occasionally dipping into Sociopathic Adventure Game Character Mode.

If I have a complaint here it's that Episode 3 is the longest and most difficult largely because it consists of sprinting around a city tripping event flags and solving puzzles in a much, much larger area than the other three episodes. Also, there's not a lot of point to playing just one episode. Really there's not much point to selling them piecemeal.

Unfortunately, while I don't have any complaints, man the rest of the Steam population does. From "THIS ISN'T AN RPG, I DEMAND A REFUND" to "This was made in RPGMAKER! LOLOLOL THAT'S HILARIOUS you can't charge money for games made in RPGmaker you frauds, RPG Maker games aren't REAL games", I saw next-to-nobody happy on my glance into the forums. Sometimes I really think we should just strip the ability to comment on things out of services like Steam.

Well. I liked it and was impressed with it, so that's what I'm putting down here. Maybe that'll matter to somebody.


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