Jun. 2nd, 2017

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Princess Remedy is a Princess from Saturn, who wields great healing powers. She gets dispatched down to Hurtland, a sad and depressed place where the people are suffering. Over the course of about an hour she runs around solving their problems by shooting the manifestations of their pain with her Healing. Eventually she works her way up to the Prince, who is suffering from basically everything and has an absolutely breathtakingly ridiculous boss fight I don't want to spoil.

She then gains the ability to marry any of the 64 NPCs or two inanimate objects in the game, each of whom has a unique line in the ending. I first chose to marry my mother, and finally settled on marrying Moonbunny, who is a bunny from the moon.

As you can see, the graphics are VERY ZX Spectrum (although they didn't go so far as to animate attribute clash or anything) but it really worked for the simple straightforward style they were presenting.

Like I said, this took about an hour and part of that was hunting for the last chest, as I was at 79/80. There's a few little extras (the Jealous Chest, for example, who can give you 101% completion if you don't open any other chests before you reach him) but for the most part this is done and over.

I bought the sequel pretty much instantly. It was like $3 and I would've paid that for this. So it's really like getting two games for $1.50 each.


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