May. 31st, 2017

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We've strolled the beach, we've scaled the lighthouse, and we've discovered deep dark hidden passages not meant to be tread. Now it's back to the Internet to learn what our mysterious patron desires... but we must take care, for all around are those with plans and schemes beyond knowing...

It really isn't all that ominous. )
In spite of my gibbering disbelief, my dear sassy detectives, we've cracked another case. I want to say it's always a delight going through these games with all of you, and I hope you all enjoyed the show, but the pace of posting these is pretty tiring and I need a bit of a rest.

I'll see you all next time the world calls for Nancy Drew...!
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After finishing up Deception Island, the BF and I went out for a nice breakfast. Over my salsa-topped scrambled egg and corn muffin, we discussed future plans.

SQRL: "So maybe I'll pick up another game in a month or so just to defy expectations. Y'know, there's several of these I don't yet have. There's at least one I have to play before a second one because of reoccurring villains, and did you know there's a DS Hardy Boys game? I just discovered that today."

(I love this, by the way.
European cover: HERE
American cover: HERE
Spot the difference?)

WOOF: "You are pretty set for Nancy Drew then."
SQRL: "Well sure. I mean, if I needed to I could Let's Read one of the books, or cover an episode of the 70s TV series where Ned looks like a visibly slumming Bill Gates. But I am pretty set. If not for my screenshot habit I could just make a game up out of whole cloth and nobody would notice I bet."
WOOF: "You should. Like, claim for an entire playthrough that Nancy has to keep checking her increasingly improbable Tamagotchi clone or it dies and you have to start over."
SQRL: "Ahaha. Maybe for April Fool's."
WOOF: "Or you could Totally Spies it. Nancy, Bess and George get hypnotized and discover a shrink ray and get eaten by a housepet--"
SQRL, rapidly: "Okay A: NO. No no no no no. B: Weird science shit was Tom Swift, not Nancy Drew. C: That is a LEGITIMATE FANDOM GATEWAY that I want to avoid, because I have seen too many people start writing ironic fetish fanfic like ha ha look at this can you imagine and then suddenly OH NO IT'S HOT and they're into it and so are a dozen other people, and D: NO NO NO NO NO."
*long silence*
SQRL: "...and E: Shit this is going on the blog."

WOOF: "...well. I assume you're still gonna play the whole series probably, even if you're not writing copious fanfic."
SQRL: "Oh yeah. Once you get locked into a serious adventure game collection the temptation is to push it as far as you possibly can."
WOOF: "Mmh."


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