May. 26th, 2017

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Well, I've made my inspiring speech and set up my index, it's time to roll with Nancy Drew on yet another outing. This time we're going to..., we're not going to Prisoner Island., we're not going to Crocodile Island (although I think I've actually READ this one, years back).
...and no, it's not Lego Island, Isla Nublar, or the Island of the Blue Dolphins either.

We're going to DECEPTION ISLAND (a fictionalized version of this place), where I have never been in either reality OR this game. Aside from a couple of in-jokes the fandom tosses around I'm going in largely blind, as usual for one of these writeups. Expect uneven pacing! Also, because this is one of the older Drew games, expect some smallish screenshots.

Here goes! )

NEXT TIME: With the introduction and this game's best-known meme out of the way, we finish exploring the boat and head out by bicycle to check out the town. Please look forward to it!
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Last time, we boarded a boat and had lunch.
Let's pick up just before lunch. )
Next Time: We'll get started solving puzzles and see where that leads us.


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