May. 10th, 2017

xyzzysqrl: (Sqrl-Bit.)
So this was... hm.

2D Assassin's Creed is (naturally) like Prince of Persia except with a heavier emphasis on stealth, because fighting gets you killed.

Unfortunately I am all up on my Assassin's Creed metaplot, so I knew when I saw that Chinese assassin Shao Jun was starring in this one that it must take place during a period where nothing whatsoever happens to advance that metaplot, because she's the star of one of the comic book miniseries and I know what happens with her.

Much like many other AC games, this game started with me getting Perfect Shadow 100% Nobody Saw You level clears and gradually devolved into wading through thigh-deep piles of bodies. Oh well, it's not called Assassin's Don't.

Even expecting nothing from the storyline, I was still surprised when the credits rolled because I wasn't done unlocking stuff yet. Apparently the game tutorials out lots of extra powers right up to the ending and then tells you to new game plus to use them all. Nah. Nah, I have other stuff.


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