May. 9th, 2017

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This game is an excellent point and click adventure -if- you like being highly analytical and solving particular kinds of puzzles.

A big ol' sheet of cryptography pops up. Decypher it from a standing start.
What do these chemicals do? Figure that out by watching their reactions as you pour them into each other.
Here's a blueprint that uses more parts than you have. Figure out how to rewire the circuits to use fewer connections.
Here is a flowchart of the events that happened. Did you read and understand them well enough to fill this flowchart in?
An alien language is being shown to you. What do all of your attempted translations have in common?

There are some REAL clunker puzzles (that last alien language thing? kinda bullshit) but for the largest part I really enjoyed this. I'm not entirely sure about either of the endings, but I can't exactly call them a wash-out either. There was some "super-advanced precursors who can only observe" nonsense but that is pretty much par for the course in space-based gaming so eh I can deal with it.

Spoilers under the cut for the plot.
Plot Spoilers Do Not Cross )

So... JULIA: Among the Stars is not flawless but it's -pretty good- if you like the kind of puzzle it brings to the table. For everyone else, there's walkthroughs.
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A nice sugar-bowl game about ponies! Haha! Really!

Okay no, even the Steam page for this one spoils the gimmick: This game is a trap devised by Satan. Or Lucifer, to be precise. You are a soul trapped in his infernal machine, and he wants to use you to playtest his poorly-coded wonky-ass game about ponies. Forever.

Obviously your goal is to escape. Well... in my case, I have sympathy for everybody, so I ended up with an interesting scenario. Spoilerspace, y'all.

Vwom vwom spoiler spoiler. )

Aside from that, I had to play this twice to get all the secret tokens for the Super True Ending, but that was helped by a nice robust stage-select menu. This was a pretty good game, aside from the parts that were deliberately not good. I don't know how to account for that.

I had a good time anyway.


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