May. 4th, 2017

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I've played some other Zeboyd Games and really liked them, so I decided to drop back and try one of their first. ... Oh man that was not a good idea. This game is like the first RPGMaker game from that really insufferable dude who keeps telling you all about his brilliant ideas.

Every line of dialogue from a townsperson is a quote or reference to a better game? Check.
Status effects are near-required EXCEPT against bosses, where they USUALLY don't work but poison PROBABLY does? Check.
Enemies that get stronger every turn, to encourage you to go all-out and beat them as fast as possible? ...that one's actually SO WEIRD I've never heard of anyone doing it before, but check.
Big empty tilesets that you wander aimlessly around, looking for a chest or SOMEthing interactable? Check.
Fourth-wall-busting gags that explicitly point out it's just a game right before major plot events that're supposed to have meaning? Yeah they do that too.

Not that there are many plot events. This one was purely for people who REALLY LIKE the numerical side of JRPGs, because nothing says lovin' like MATH MATH MATH STATS AND NUMBERS

So... I guess if you wanna spend ten hours optimizing your character builds sight-unseen (or use a guide to do it, because you're not getting any hints in-game at what skills you'll learn) in what amounts to a heavily condensed NES RPG... hey, y'know, you're in luck.

At the usual Steam retail price of $4 for this and their second game, though...

...well, maybe their second game is really good?


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