May. 2nd, 2017

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It looks like the last one of these I finished was back in fricking 2015 and wow that is quite a sequel gap.

There's this weird progression where the longer a 3D platformer series creeps on, the more likely it is to become a giant collection of minigames outside the primary genre that may or may not star the title character. I assume this is how Mario Party started to be honest, Nintendo just had the sense to poot those off to the side.

So in this one we've got RC car driving, we've got a dude who shoots people with a fireworks rocket launcher, we've got some underwater sections, biplane flying... we even have a "Piracy on the high seas" section like Assassin's Creed IV, and that part of the game engaged me so hard I've bought a rack of cannons off Amazon to menace the building across the street with.

I will sail our apartment to Cuba, see if I don't.

Happily we've also got a lot of sneaking around doin' stuff. I think my final total was 51% because the game really wants me to go back and run a bunch of "Challenges" and I just am not holding with that. If you wanted me to do special challenge missions you should have put them in the level hubs, wonko. You're not sucking me back in that easily. Not when I have a backlog THIS big.

Uh. So Sly 3 ends well and could probably wrap the series up complete, and in fact for many fans this is what it does. Fan reaction to Sly 4 is... shall we say, "heavily mixed". Does this deter me? Hahaha. Does this ENCOURGE me? Oh my god yes. "Heavily Mixed Fan Reaction" is a siren song to my ears.

Will I play it right away?

*eye other games in stack*

... Well, hopefully it won't be two years before I do, let's put it that way.

Also in that post from 2015 I noted I'd finished 22 games by mid-April that year.
This year I have 34 complete by the start of May... but of course a bunch of them were short little point-and-click adventure games. I've also got 3 Incompletes on my record.

My ability to be a shiftless layabout grows and expands, and my tendrils weave into all things. Or they would, if I had any.
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I love games with anonymous/semi-anonymous drop-in co-op. No one has to know who I am, just that I'm there to help.

Journey is -quite- abstract. You are a Person. You have two legs in the humanoid configuration. You also have eyes, two. You may or may not have arms, it is possible you did not retrieve them from your chest this morning. Your robe covers that. It doesn't matter, you don't use them. Whatever else is under the robes is your own business.

You begin in a desert. You see a mountain. Go there.

Along the way, you obtain a scarf. Having a charged scarf lets you jump. You charge your scarf by rubbing it against cloth, or another Person, or by having that person make Noise at you. You can make noise back, and making noise charges cloth, which is Important for various Reasons.

Those other Persons are other players. You can help them but you cannot as far as I can tell hinder them. This is also important for what I hope are obvious reasons. I briefly encountered a few folks in the desert, and towards the midgame partnered up with someone all the way to the end.

Visually it's beautiful. Musically it's Grammy-award-nominated beautiful. Gamewise it's flatteringly intuitive. Two buttons, each of which produces a visible effect. Level design that carefully but obviously SUGGESTS where you want to go and leaves you plenty-but-not-too-much room to explore and discover secrets.

This game was really, really good. Two and a half hours and it MEANT something to me. It had an impact. I cannot regret playing this game.

I have further thoughts in spoilerspace.

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