Apr. 25th, 2017

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So all the big games of the season like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nier Automata and the Zero Escape Trilogy and Dragon Boy 3: The Wonder Trap and Night in the Woods and Yooka-Laylee and such are still sittin' out there like "YO SQRLMOG when are you going to sprout a money tree out of your buttocks and BUY US ALL?" and what do I do, I buy what is basically the Microsoft Flight Simulator of text adventures because I make the best life choices y'all.

So I sat down and looked at that for a while tonight and realized that oh my god numbers and stats I cannot deal with this right now, and then I side-eyed the Falcon 4.0 of text adventures and no I can't deal with that right now either, so what's short and talks to you instead of having you read and also has like no numbers whatsoever?

Gone Home. Okay, I haven't played it yet. Let's go.

To start with, I think it's been decided that people who play this need to have an opinion on whether it's a "Real game" or not? Yes, it is, don't be stupid. Okay that's that solved.

This took me about an hour well spent. It absolutely leans towards the "simulate one place as hard as possible" school of game design, and I'm down with that even if it means that in order to make the story work the people who live in this (FRICKING. ENORMOUS.) house save every scrap of paperwork they have ever encountered in their lives.

Anything else and we're gonna have to drop to spoilerspace. I'm assuming you've played the game if you follow after me.
Down here. )

I just can't get over what a fricking HUGE HOUSE these people have though, god damn, and for FOUR PEOPLE. You could fit like eight people in that house. You could film a sitcom in that house and not disturb anyone on the second floor. Why is that house so damn big?!


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