Apr. 17th, 2017

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Oh look sqrl has leapt face-first into another goddamn MMORPG. Who had "Sunday" on the raffle? Y'all with Sunday get a toaster oven.

No, not for real.

So as is traditional I made myself a bright pink robot catgirl (because bunny ears were not an option) and just kinda flopped in. Now I've played most of the Phantasy Star series. It's been an action RPG longer than it hasn't at this point. But I was really not prepared for the level of Insane that it has kicked up to. Like... as far as I knew it was a sci-fi thing set in space and you loot the crap outta stuff? But then I discovered that the latest chapter is set in Tokyo's future of 2028, where Phantasy Star Online 2 is so popular it comes installed on every PC in the world (ahaha SO WE GET A US RELEASE BY 2028 YOU SAY) and characters start coming out of the video game, and then you fight mutant polar bears and T-rexes on the streets of Tokyo like it's some mashup of Resident Evil and Streets of Rage, and THEN you fight a TRAIN which is ALSO A DRAGON.

So... someone ate all the nuts and drove an anime train off anime bridge into animetown, which is where this expansion pack lives now. I'M SO VERY SOLD. A friend describes it as "jumping a chain of sharks" but I AM LOVING THIS CRAZY SHIT.

Bring on more of it. I will surf a wave of crazy and loot.


xyzzysqrl: A moogle sqrlhead! (Default)

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