Apr. 13th, 2017

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On one hand, this is a super-easy very casual adventure game. It gives you step by step instructions for the first half, barely stops holding your hand in the second half, and feels like it was intended to be My First Point And Click Adventure.

But... I've always had a huge weakness for it because it actually remembers Oz stuff OUTSIDE THE MOVIE and past the first couple books exist. The Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated Woggle-Bug! Scraps the Patchwork Girl! Mombi! Betsy Bobbin! Heck, Queen Lurline gets namedropped a few times, and that's a deep cut for you.

Oddly enough, setting a detective noir story in Oz kinda works. It blends magic and grounded detecting nicely, and the main character has a very Ozian drive to her. She doesn't really seem to WANT to adventure, but when the chance comes she's right there doing it.

Turns out this is about 2/3rds of the game they wanted to make. You end up going out to Winkie and Quadling countries by the end of the game, but there were plans to have you visit all four of the surrounding countries. Unfortunately they ran out of time or budget or something.

So I really enjoy this game as an Oz fan, not so much as a game on its game-y merits. Don't care. Enjoyment is still enjoyment.


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