Apr. 10th, 2017

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Before I get to the meat of this, I should mention I played through Primordia three times, the third with a walkthrough and endings guide. My first time through I missed a few things, had nagging suspicions about others, and wound up with an ending I felt was a bit subpar.

The second time through I did find everything and got a very satisfying ending, but I was motivated enough to play with a guide for take #3, making ABSOLUTELY SURE I wasn't missing any more little details. On take 3 I kept a save just before a point of variation and played the last 5 minutes or so over, seeing how many endings there are. (There are QUITE A FEW, most a bit nihilistic but not all. And you of course get to decide what satisfies you. Is it the opposite thing from what the creator's hinting at? You still get an ending. I respect that.)

In any event, remember this: you can lock yourself out of particular plot revelations and endings by doing the right thing at the wrong time. Maybe grab a guide for this one, or ask me for spoilers.

Primordia feels like the mythology of Loom crashing into the atmosphere of Beneath A Steel Sky, but with more robots. I feel like saying much about the plot is decidedly spoilery, but this was deliciously rusty and run down, a dystopia of ruin backed by progress. It was an interesting choice to include a devoutly religious main character and more of an interesting choice to include such a smartass of a robot sidekick.

I... really, really got into this one. I honestly feel bad for comparing it to older adventure games. It deserves to stand up on its own merits. This is not a game created to make you go "ha ha I remember older games, those were so good", this is a game that was made to surpass those games and... well, whether it succeeded is subjective but I'm going to remember it at that level.


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