Apr. 7th, 2017

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I continue to crosspost from Dreamwidth to Livejournal. My DW journal is a bit messed up, particularly in the earlier years where everything is doubleposted and also I really need to mess with my DW tags.

The more pressing reason is that if the people who run Livejournal want me off LJ they can come over here and fucking throw my sexually-confused gender-wonky ass out themselves.

I'll not give them the satisfaction of walking.
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No, not that one. This one's a charming little puzzle-box game that kept using atmospheric sounds to convince me I was about to get jumpscared.

That never happens, by the way. MAYBE at the very end if you're VERY skittish, but it was less of a jump and more of an "Oh" for me.

Still, two hours and a couple of tabs of Bible verse lookups later, I feel like I had a good time. The puzzles... mmh, they weren't overtuned but the game does seem to want you to do a LOT of tapping at places that look suspicious or interesting. And then it goes BING because you're poking things so you CLEARLY need a clue, right?

Happily you can turn off clues in the menu. I did.

Oh, the Bible verses were flavorful but actually had nothing to do with the plot. They were clearly deliberately chosen, but they're NOT cluing at anything.


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