Mar. 26th, 2017

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Going into this game I had a slightly confrontational attitude. My question was this: Why is THIS the fondly-remembered series out of the Sierra lineage?

I had tried Quest for Glory in the past, y'see, and gotten fed up with it fairly quickly. To me it was a game where you could fail to perform correct puzzle solutions because your stats weren't high enough, where you could abruptly die mid-swordfight because you were too tired, and where the combat system was lousy and busted. Yet people cited this as more fun than King's Quest?

Well... crap, they might've been right.

I was correct too, there is a fair bit of grinding as you practice and practice to get your skills higher. But every puzzle seems to have a number of solutions, even if they're as trivial as "Do you magically levitate around, climb to where you're going, or just bung a rock at your target and hope it falls?" Stamina is a problem but with a steady income you can keep yourself in coffee and stamina potions. The combat...

...well, the combat sucks but at least you can recognize "Ah, this is the stance he takes when I can damage him" and wail away like you're pounding on a sack of meat. My dumb meathead no-magic no-stealth fighter just sort whomped on things until the game was done, but I can see a LOT of room for more creative thinking later on as a different class.

Also finished my first try with 463/500 points, so clearly I'm missing a sizable hunk of game somewhere. Hmm.

Anyway... this was really good, and I sort of look forward to the next game, which has me traveling with some belly-dancing furries to Not!Arabia.


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