Mar. 22nd, 2017

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There's a "Real Ending" I didn't do for this game. Maybe later. I am kind of exhausted after 17 hours of it, and I already had to doomp it down to Easy Mode because I am a jumbo-sized baby person. (Although, frankly it is a HARD GAME and I have nothing to prove, SO.)

Anyway, I finished the Smash Indie Hit of 2005 and that was a really good time! Obviously. But I have this issue with playing games that become huge smash hits? Like... I tend to play a lot of smaller and more obscure and unloved games, and that means I don't spend a lot of time with the big ones. Does that make me a hipster? Do I just think the really popular games don't need ME playing them if they have so many others enthralled? I dunno.

Cave Story though... man, this challenged me even on Easy Mode. I seem to have made a friend of mine alternate between flipping out ("You, uh, you're stumbling down the road to a massive secret BY ACCIDENT there, sqrlmog...") and REALLY flipping out ("You did WHAT. How do you even...") and any game that has the potential for that is a well-made one full of lots of thought and love from the developers.

Also the music is fantastic. There's three soundtracks, and they range from Good (original) to Awesome (remastered) to A Huge Pile Of Poop ("new"/"Wii" soundtrack). I would go with Remastered on this one.

Uh, so that's Cave Story. I loved it. It's available everywhere, for everything, I think. Worth playing. Very good.


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