Mar. 12th, 2017

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Y'know, I would have been furious at this game when I was younger. A Don Bluth-y animated King's Quest? Starring Valanice of all people? Rosella I always liked since KQIV, but an old lady? Really? And it's Lighter and Fluffier and with less death and when you DO die it's a light tap on the wrist?

The frame rate was weird and choppy on my old PC, so I assumed the game was broken and never played more than an hour. (That's actually just how the game is, it turns out.) I'm glad I didn't, because nowadays I actually really LIKE KQ7. Sure it's a bit of a walk in the park... but it's a walk with some lovely painted backgrounds and some really amusing dialogue. They don't make them like this anymore, and while on one hand it's not hard to see why, on the other hand it's kind of a shame.

This made me want to replay some of the series again, but I've played the original games over and over. Maybe I'll dip into the fan remakes and see what I think of those. I've played KQ1 remake, but never 2 or 3...

Well, we'll have to see how it goes!
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Does this really count? I knocked this out in like three hours. How many times in my life have I beaten KQ1? I have honestly lost track. I would say I can play this game from memory, but my memory is pretty bad. I finished four points short of a perfect score. I'm pretty sure I know at least one thing I missed. (The sling in the tree.)

I played the fan remake because nobody should ever have to use the original interface again unless they really want to.

Next I think I'll play their remake of KQ2. I've never played this and it's a massive remix of events and characters. Is it canon? I don't think so. I don't really care. Sierra's sure not gonna put out any more of these.

(Well... there IS a new King's Quest episodic game I haven't played. But that's not by Sierra and sort of oozes AROUND canon and fills in gaps... it's complicated.)


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