Mar. 6th, 2017

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"I was enjoying this.", I lament strongly.

Treasure Adventure Game is kinda like what if you remade Zelda: Wind Waker as a 2D sidescroller. Sail between islands exploring and gathering lost treasures. Great music. Strong gameplay. I was REALLY enjoying this! A lot! The platforming was getting tougher and all, but it hadn't pulled any really weird mechanics or anything out. Sure, there were puzzle bosses and gameplay changes and all, but they were things I could handle.

And then I hit a particular boss.

This boss fight went like this.
Step 1: Do a little computer game. You play as a small blip, who collects squares while avoiding red spikey asterisks. Kind of an Atari-esqe thing. Not too hard.
Step 2: Long cutscene. Unskippable.
Step 3: Navigate a laser maze. Step on the green lasers, don't touch the purple ones or the lightning bolts. Timing-based. Some very tricky jumps.
Step 4: Play the computer game again, but this time your blip is surrounded by a cage of constantly moving asterisks, and you need to move in time with the cage or else your actual player character gets shocked and loses life. You get two or three moves per 'tick' of cage moving time, depending on how fast you mash the joystick.
Step 5: The quirky miniboss squad appear in a robot ball that shoots more lasers. They bounce around the room and you have to dodge them until they expose a weak point, which you then throw a boomerang into and hope your sidekick can follow up in hitting them properly.
Step 6: Steps 3, 4, and 5 repeat but harder.

After about thirty deaths to this boss I stopped and asked myself if I really was having fun with this game after all. After around sixty I decided maybe I wasn't. I may have hit 100 deaths by the time I decided to stop.

Almost certainly if I kept at it LONG ENOUGH I would eventually win, but... I feel very tired and I have other stuff to do and -maybe- I can just play the remake of this when it comes out and this fight might be easier.

In any event, I feel about done with this game.


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