Mar. 3rd, 2017

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While the rest of the world tonight experiences joy with the release of the Nintendo Switch and its awesome library of game, I chose to pick up a four year old system (the Playstation 4) and start a deep dive into the releases it has.

If you ever need a short summary of my life, please know that because the system scans for crossbuy/purchases/PS+ games you own when you hook it up, I found I had slightly more than a 30-game backlog for a system I'd owned for ten minutes. Please do not idolize or emulate me, the mooglesqrl life is neither glamorous nor sustainable.

Still! Time to DIVE INTO THE PS4 and what better place than with Weird Game About Swooshing Around "Gravity Rush Remastered", formerly for the Vita? A weird existentialist French-Japanese comic book of a game, about a girl with gravity powers and her battle against mysterious bug-eyed shadowy alien life forms.

I loved this for the plot and occasionally swore at it for the controls, but I can't deny that the gravity-assist jumpkick is one of my favorite things to do in a video game and I loved how useful it was here. The exploration and "collect little jingly things to upgrade your ability to collect jingly things" loop is still fun.

Also there were a lot of challenge missions and checkpoint races. Uh, somebody likes these. Not me. I didn't do them.

I felt like I had a great time here and I was glad of it. Gravity Rush 2 exists and looks EVEN BETTER, but... I am out of money. Oops.

Well. Maybe later. On with the backlog.


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