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Welcome back. Last time we took a deep dive into the closet of various gym leaders and here's where a Wallace joke goes. Now it's time to tromp off to the Elite Four and see what they can throw at us.

First we have to find them.
Actually it's easier than I thought. )

The end?
Not quite.
The credits have ended.
The game has not.

Next time: Pokemon Omega Ruby - The Delta Episode.
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If you're in the US, Disney XD has put the first two episodes of Ducktales up as one jumbo-sized pilot film. (Well, giant as in 44 minutes, whatever.)

It's really good. Not just from a standpoint where I love cartoons and nostalgia, but ... it feels good in general. They don't go in on "Ha, hey, look how stupid this thing from the previous version of the canon was! Isn't that DUMB?" like some reboots do, they don't make "ironic" mean-spirited jokes. It's just... strong Disney adventure and classic comedy.

I'm really looking forward to having Donald involved in the action. I want to know more about the mysteries in this one. Under the cut I've placed some thoughts and comments.
Spoilers. )

Look, I could quote the pilot all day. I could WATCH it over and over all day. I'm just really enjoying this and really looking forward to more episodes. Cartoons and video games are in an AMAZING place right now. That's something I have to hold on to.
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We over-analyzed the clothing of our main character, rival, and the evil ecoterrorist losers who became our temporary allies.

(Spoiler, I guess, if you haven't read that update yet. Oops.)

I spent a while trying to think of how to build up to this but... Hey! Let's do the gym leaders now. I'm all excited to look at more insane fashion choices. Tallyho!
And away we go! )
Next time, back to the game!
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Last time we discovered that maybe activating a giant doombringer pokemon to dry out the world's oceans is ... bad?
Who knew? )
NEXT TIME: Probably a Bonus Episode, then we figure out where "the most remote island in Hoenn" is.
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If I have one regret so far it's that I didn't purchase Alpha Sapphire, all that time ago when I was shopping for a new Pokemon game. In an alternate universe where life rolled down a different path y'all have been reading like twelve updates full of me dealing with Team Aqua and making "ARRRR IT'S DRIVIN' ME NUTS" jokes every time Archie shows up. I can only imagine such a blessed timeline is a veritable utopia of magical wonderlandness and ... uh, stuff?

I'll be honest with you guys, that first paragraph was 98% written when I desperately needed some sleep, and I'm reluctant to mess with it too much right now because it's kind of gloriously ridiculous. Let's just move on.

Last time Maxie stole a submarine, painted it with googly eyes and sent it out to dig up a landscape-destroying kaiju armed with what may or may not be the wrong mystical dingus to control the thing. Today we are gonna explore the ramifications of that plan, as soon as we find some way to get to the ocean floor and not die/drown. I bet it involves pokemon somehow.

Somewhere, beyond the sea... )
NEXT TIME: We save the damn world. What did you expect?
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I beat this game by accident!

Kind of.
See, I had never played a Kirby game so I was like "Okay what's a good one to grab?" and people told me Super Star. Kirby Super Star is a collection of six or so games plus a handful of minigames. The first one I played, "Spring Breeze", was maybe half an hour long tops. So, y'know. I figured I could just dabble a bit and keep going and maybe some of the others would be longer...

Well I beat them all in about a week. There is some really good stuff in here, it's like a short anthology series featuring the same character but constantly mixing up his abilities and what he can exactly do. Have a race! Do a Metroid! How's your reflexes? All things this game wants you to poke at.

I was impressed enough to buy the 20th Anniversary Collection that includes ...uh, Kirby Super Star, so I will PROBABLY play through this game again on the way to beating all six games plus minigame stuff in THAT one.

I guess I'm a fan now. Who knew I'd enjoy cute pink things that like eating physically impossible amounts and turning into destructive yet adorable forms?
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So it turns out the sale on the roof of the department store is all base-building decorations and stuff. I do pick up a few things, like another plush Lapras for base-display purposes, but it wasn't worth the narrative break.

More importantly TEAM MAGMA'S SECRET BASE is located in a cave just next to the city. The grunts guarding the door tell me, left to right, that:

- Maxie is off stealing something. But the idea they'd tell me where he went is laughable.
- Their feet hurt.
- Maxie went to Mt. Pyre, just south of route 121. But the idea they'd tell me why he went there is laughable.

Awful lot of laughing going on around here, huh?
Let's keep the comedy rolling beneath this cut. )
Tune in next time for the thrilling answer to maybe a couple of those questions!
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Lately I've been making an effort to get out and walk every morning I can stand to. Not far, a half-mile around the block or whatever. (How big is a "block" supposed to be anyway?) This is for my health and heart and to offset the fact that I am normally an immobile lump.

Also it's because I want to play more Pokemon Go.

So I'm walking and happen by the little cafe down at the end of the block, which ALSO has a Pokemon gym in it. It's pretty busy for the hour (9 am Sunday? Maybe the hour isn't that weird). Lot of people talking about their babies and handling strollers, bunch of housewives chatting loudly about something to do with teenage sons. I'm not good with people but I want to check out what's at the gym, so I sit for a second on a bench nearby and pull my phone out of my pocket.

If I were better with people, maybe it wouldn't have registered, but I'm acutely aware of all activity around me due to an excess of middle school bullying. So I'm suddenly and intensely aware that while the Baby Cluster is carrying on about babies and baby and baby baby baby baby, the Housewife Cluster just went DEAD. SILENT. A glance in the reflective cafe frontglass shows that they're ALL looking my way and one of them has just faux-casually flipped her purse open.

I do not pull up Pokemon Go. I open Telegram and send a few "I am doing an inconspicuous boring thing!" messages to people on my contact list. I put the phone away and sit for a few moments more. Then I carefully get up and leave.

Behind me, when I dare peek, every one of those ladies has a phone out.

So I start to feel, like... okay. Maybe I did okay there. Maybe I just dodged a gym leadership duel I am ILL PREPARED FOR at my low level with Melinda Marlboro and her gang of thug moms.

Then I glance at my shadow and realize while I was sitting there, sweat and the breeze managed to tease my hair up into a giant Super Saiyen Level 9000 Fucking Anime Dork Dumbass hairstyle.

So maybe it was just that and the phone thing was a coincidence.

I don't know. I kind of want to hide under my desk in case Team ThugMom kicks my door down and steals my Jolteon.
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Last time, we made fun of Team Magma.
Wait, that's every time.

THIS time the game's gonna take us down to Fortree City, where the grass is green, the leaves are green, everything is green and also brown because these people build their homes in trees.
Up we go. )
This was getting long-winded anyway.
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Last time we beat up our father, learned to ride on the back of a fishcat, and inexplicably sidetracked to look at clothing of the ages. Then I took several hours on a sidetrip to level up Jigglypuff and evolve it to a Wigglytuff with Hyper Voice.

Also my copy of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon arrived in the mail! I ordered this when I was halfway through Explorers of Sky and promptly got scammed by a dude in China, but happily Amazon's fulfillment policy is a real thing and I wound up with a copy of the game anyway.

You guys have NO IDEA how hard it was not to instantly fall into that. Like, I played just a bit to scout it out, and the urge to throw this playthrough aside and declare Magical Nintendo Christmas was INTENSE. I appear to still be complete Mystery Dungeon trash, even if this one being set in and around a Pokemon school for kid Pokemon makes me throttle the "SHIP IT" lever backward a touch.

Still, we're here and we're moving along with Omega Ruby. Let's sail off down route 118 and see what's out that way.
Whee, surfing! )
NEXT TIME: More gym shenanigans.
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We've now seen both of "May"/Lime's costumes for this game. The bandanna look she wanders around in normally and her costume outfit which the BF referred to as "looks like she's a special event vendor in an MMO who will sell you fancy cakes". I can't really refute that, but I can't refute the appeal of fancy cakes either.

Put them inside me.

Anyway, I was thinking we could use that as a branch point to explore some of the character art. This is gonna be a pure linkdump post, y'all can skip it if you want... but like the previous Bonus post this is stuff I just plain found interesting.
Come with me on a journey of clothing. )
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Last time on Omega Ruby we had a hot springs episode and learned a valuable lesson about not being your own grandpa. Also we fought Team Magma atop a volcano but mostly it was hot springs time.

Also Lime fights like her dad and Flannery knows this, which raises questions.

1. Do all the regional gym leaders just hang out and battle each other when they've got nothing else going on?
2. Did Flannery have to challenge her way up to the position of Fire Leader even though it's implied she inherited the gym itself from her grandad?
3. Can we have a cute spinoff that's like... Satoshi Tajiri's Gym Leader Babies?
4. Can we instead have a cute spinoff about being a gym leader's pokemon and just lazily hanging out in a single town having goofy low-key adventures and battling incoming trainers?

Exactly none of these frankly ridiculous questions will be answered in our next frankly ridiculous update.

A few questions will be raised though. )
Next time, we'll surf around some and gather stuff and then get back on that whole "plot" business. Please look forward to it.
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Last time on Pokemon Omega Ruby we met Team Aqua, an Abba-inspired peppy eurodance group famed for songs like "Cartoon Heroes" ... Wait no I'm sorry this is a gang of weirdos cosplaying men/women of the sea who want to flood the planet. A very easy mistake to make.

Anyway they showed up to stop Team Magma and Brendan showed up to stop Team Magma and Lime showed up to stop Team Magma but somehow Team Magma didn't get stopped. Is it in fact possible that Team Magma is more competent than two teenagers and a group of Danish music pirates led by a community college swim instructor?
THE ANSWER AWAITS underneath the cut. )
NEXT TIME: ... Let's go home, shall we?
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Last time we walked around a shopping mall/apartment building and I discovered my pun game is nowhere near as clever as I thought it was. I briefly considered retiring in deepest shame to a far-off island and becoming a hermit, but y'know I'm already set up to blog about Pokemon on the internet so I guess I'll just keep rolling with that.
It's a good option. )
So next time, we might actually get up that mountain I've been talking up! STAY TUNED.
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When we last left our intrepid heroine, she had relentlessly mocked Team Magma (Did you know humans stand on the land? It's true!) and moved on to Mauville City.
It's a giant mall! )
See you next time!
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It is almost impossible for me to overstate how suspicious I was of Kemono Friends at first, thanks to the current landscape of anime.

An anime with an all-girl cast airing late at night ("Otaku-o-clock") with obvious mysteries surrounding the landscape and identity of one of the primary characters, with nebulous monsters involved? And it's all sweet and innocent and gentle, to the point where critics were calling it "mind-sapping" or "intelligence-draining"? Yeah.

I was 99% sure this would be a cunning trap designed to lure in viewers and punch them in the face with "deconstructions" and "oh look everything you loved about this show was secretly evil and gross haha".

Kemono Friends never does that.

What looks sweet and gentle stays sweet and gentle through the whole thing. The mysteries are tied up well but just vaguely enough there's an opening for a season 2. All through the 12 episode run, it remains a Nice Show about cheerful anime-furry girls. Every one of them is a Friend. However, there's this new girl. She doesn't know what animal she is, but she's very good at solving problems. What kind of Friend could she be?

It is not perfect. The fact is, this is a tie-in show to a mobile phone game that was canceled before the show came out. They basically just handed some 3D rendering software to a VERY small animation studio and went "Whatever, do what you like."

Visually, this is ratty-looking. Vehicle wheels will forget to spin, Friends will skip along the top of the grass instead of walking on the ground, the action scenes are mostly just big jumps, characters "fly" like they're being click-dragged across a Windows desktop and one character (Plains Zebra Friend) in the background of a shot was so poorly rendered the fanart imageboard tag for her is "Savannah Striped Giant Slug".

So it doesn't look great and it's chirpily sugar-sweet, but... I feel like this show just has so much heart. Somebody cared, and that snowballed. Kemono Friends has a loving sense of humor, it treats its characters with respect. It knows what to leave unsaid. The big moments it has are predictable but treated without irony or a wink to the audience. It's earnest and I loved it.

It's still really clearly for kids (WHAT was this doing in a late-night time slot?!) but I enjoyed it as a weird furry adult, and I'm not alone. Kemono Friends was a smash Japanese hit, to the point where not only will there be a season 2, there will also be a new mobile phone game, one based on the anime this time.

It honestly warms my heart to see that happen. I look forward to season 2.

(If you're going to try it, please note episode 1 is maybe the weakest and reflects -all- the problems I mentioned. By episode 3 and 4, the series has hit its stride and if those do nothing, it's worth moving on.)
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In the very early AM, when the sky is dark, a friend tosses me an egg. I tuck the egg carefully in position behind the plant-lizard, masked seed bulb, mushroom, fluffpuppy and green lumpy thing and run around in tight circles for a while to give it a start at hatching. Then I go to bed.

When I wake up, the power is out. It takes me another day to get this update finished.

Good morning, everyone. I'm playing Pokemon Omega Ruby, and it's time to Dewford Town. ... do Dew... Dodew... go forward to D... township of Dewforwarding...

We're going into Dewford Town okay. This pun was poorly thought out.
Just get in here. )
It is beautiful and heaven help me, I want to move in. Next time, we'll explore if that's an option. (I am guessing no.)
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So! Remember when I said this:

"It is while doing this gym that Mint starts trying to evolve. I have JUST ENOUGH Pokemon knowledge to whap the B button a couple times and stop him. If I don't evolve him, he'll learn a cool move. I'll explain why in a different post, it's not just that I want him small and cute forever, I promise." today's post? Well, we're at that different post now.
This is a sidebar, and you can skip it but I think it's interesting. )
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When we left Lime, she was parked outside Rustboro City. In we go!
The adventure continues. )
With that it's back to zip across the sea to Dewford Town, which is where we'll pick up next time. Please look forward to it!


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