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Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened except to Callie. I still haven't seen Callie since that point. I'll let you all know if she pops up again because that's a bit concerning.
But we have other things to do. )
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Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened but in clothing form. Also there were roses and peppermint tea and a dude who stepped straight off the cover of a 1997 edutainment CD-ROM. I'm explictly not here to make fun of anything or anyone, but Tarquin tested that resolve sorely.

I also want to talk for a moment about structure. I'm pretty sure this game does have an ending/credits. I'm not sure how to trigger them. I know there are future unlockable careers (we have like, one of five unlocked) but I'm not sure how to trigger those. I know there are lots of events, but... you get the picture.

There may be in future posts a lot of skimming, or I may just at some point go "Okay, y'know what? This is thirty bucks on Amazon, do y'all have a 3DS?" and wave my hands and drop out of blogging it. Not from disinterest, god no, but because I'm kinda microdocumenting everything JUST IN CASE it's important and I kinda want to just lay around and BINGE the game nonstop. Kinda wish this had multiple save slots.

Consider this the extended-trial narrative demo version. We'll see if we make it to the credits, I -want- to make it to the credits, but I wish to explictly make no promises.

Anyway back to work. )
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Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened and also we experimented with a perfectly normal dollhouse.
Let's dive in. )
So... I guess that's... that's our goal for next time.
This game ain't never gonna get normal, is it?
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I promised a part two "later today", huh. I guess I didn't meet that deadline, for a number of reasons. On the other hand, I can report that Goldeneye Source is pretty good even if it is multiplayer-only. With that said...

Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened. (You have no idea how hard I looked for a version with video. Sigh.) Then we went home and chilled out for a while. Let's get back to actually doin' stuff, huh?
Things get weirder. )
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So I ran into a slight problem with the opening of Style Savvy: Fashion Forward -- It doesn't give you your camera right away. This means I can't get any screenshots of the opening of the game and boy howdy did I want to get screenshots of the opening because this game starts off kind of insane. Once I was finished flopping around in panic mode and decided not to call off the gameblog because of this, I looked for some solutions.

Instead of screenshotting a Youtube video, I've decided to just link one right here in case you want a visual version of what I'm typing, or if you can't believe what I'm saying is real and require actual video proof. It doesn't cover everything we're doing here today but it is enough to give you the gist. (it's ALSO not my video. I am not NintenDaan but I respect his good work.)

The MOMENT the camera becomes available in-game I will be using it extensively. Until then, please bear with me(RAAAAARRR BEAR WITH ME) in this time of heavy text.

Are you ready?
Excellent. Let's embrace magic.
Clicky. )
See you later today for part two!
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God what a fantastic game.

I had other stuff I wanted to say. The localization being not QUITE Working Designs, but firmly in that spirit. The way the game is absolutely on-point, on-theme and on-message with every single character conveying their element of the overarching theme of the game. The light, charming Game Arts characters and plot suddenly taking an extreme dip into super-dark, and then back up and out the other side via the power of anime.

In the end though it boils down to: What a fantastic game. I don't know where I got the impression I was burned completely out on JRPGs. I needed this in my life.

Style Savvy posts will start shortly, I hope. Please look forward to it.
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I started playing this back in... June, I believe? And slowly picked at it all the way until now. 93% complete is really good for one of these, far more than I usually get. Actual progress on the metaplot makes me delighted, even if I am deeply worried about where it's going.

Still kind of in love with this series, even if I get tired now and then. Now I just have the side-story games to catch up on, Chronicles and whatnot.

In Style Savvy news, y'all seem pretty excited and that delights me. I can't wait until the 19th, when the game's out and I can start playing that. Now I just need to work through some short games, I've got about ten days to kill...
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The world today seems absolutely crackers
with nuclear bombs to blow us all sky-high
there's fools and idiots sitting on the triggers
It's depressing, and it's senseless...
- Eric Idle.

The song wanders off from there, but it's been on my mind of late. It has been really hard to maintain any kind of cheerful optimism nowadays. I haven't wanted to do any game streaming (although would anyone really care if I gave that up?), I've barely wanted to talk to people or engage in any kind of emotional attachment to things.

The world does have some good things in it though. Let's embrace the comforting warmth of video games to get through these trying times. I'm going to turn to one of the things I love most: Games targeted towards teenage girls. No, that doesn't mean it's time for Nancy Drew. It's time for Style Savvy: Fashion Forward.

No, I'm serious. Trust me here. Something brightly colored and cheerful will at least help ME feel better, and we'll see if it helps out any of y'all too. I've got the game itself preordered, but I'm gonna play through the demo here and now. Let's see what we think, yeah?
Here goes. )
So... What did you all think? I've got the game on pre-order, but... d'you think a running diary, Animal Crossing style, will hold anyone's attention?
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Okay well I don't know if I have it in me to write anything too long so let me hit the highlights.

Voltron: Legendary Defender. 11 episodes on Netflix right now, more coming by the end of the year. And they'll need a season 2 because it just kind of stops. Like that's not a spoiler, they run 11 episodes and then there's kind of a big climax episode and just when you're like "Oh, geez, this episode feels like a big deal" it's over and cliffhanger. Except it doesn't even cliffhanger, it just STOPS. Like there was supposed to be one more capstone scene but they didn't animate it and oops oh well just run it as it is.

Not a fan of the ending of season 1, s'what I'm saying.

Aside from that and one other complaint which I'll get to towards the end, this is great stuff though. It feels like a strange mutant made from every other previous Voltron attempt, even stretching back to scoop big chunks of raw DNA from GoLion. (Instead of doomed comic relief Sven, we get war-vet Shiro, an ex-slave who escaped in much the same way as the original Golioners did.) The action scenes are well-animated, the writing is pretty on-point although it has the usual American cartoon problem of nobody ever shutting up for five seconds, and the characters... manage to be CHARACTERS instead of interchangable cut-outs in colored armor. Yay for that.

It's a strange show, anime by way of the US by way of anime again, and blending so many previous efforts into one means I have no idea what Kids Today will make of it. From the original Voltron I remember hours, painful hours, spent with the cutesy mice when I just wanted to get back to robots beating ass. The mice here? Cute, cool, and out of the way before they become a plot strain. Weird druid space magic? Accounted for and just as mystifying to the Voltron Paladins as it was to the Golion crew. It's just a strange blend, but the writing is breezy enough that it goes down smooth.

They also didn't forget to make it a SUPER ROBOT show, which I was concerned about. Voltron picks up new powers as the plot demands them and is, like all good super robots, powered by yelling and emotional sync with its pilots. The lions themselves are kind of the stars of the various action sequences they're in...

...which is good because here comes that other complaint: For a show called "Voltron" there ain't much Voltron in it. Our heroes need time to learn to use their combiner to the fullest, and while we're not talking Dancougar-esqe "It takes 17 episodes before they figure out how to combine" levels, the uncombined lions still take up most of the runtime, with Voltron itself only clicking together a handful of times over the 11 episode run.

Still, for a Voltron show that put most of its emphasis on the pilots and robots that form Voltron instead of on Voltron itself? Pretty good stuff. I'm left eager to see Season 2, AKA "The Second Half of Season 1" AKA "What the Hell Was That Ending, Guys?"

Y'all left the previous Voltron series unfinished, after all. Don't play cocky with this one.

...also the music kept giving me Mass Effect flashbacks. What the heck was up with that?
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Today we went out and bought new bedsheets for our poofy mattresses (if anyone's interested in a NEW MATTRESS REVIEW let me know because ... otherwise, I'm not), a bottle-brush because the woof has been wanting one for easier drinking-glass cleaning, and a copy of Zootopia on Blu-Ray.

Long slender fluffy brush.

The cashier was giving us some SERIOUS side-eye. I had to fight down the urge to explain that no we ARE totally furries but this is all BENIGN I swear...
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Every now and then I take stock of my terrible vices. I don't have that many: I like food more than most people do. I'm a furry. I want to kill all humans and destroy the planet Earth. However, possibly my worst vice is my purehearted love of MMORPGs.

And you can't talk about MMORPGs without World of Warcraft coming up. And it's... right there. The button for it was right there, RIGHT THERE when I was playing Overwatch and Diablo 3.

So now I'm back on the World of Warcraft, which I have not really played for many years. I played the first release, sometime after it came out. Burning Crusade happened and I wandered away. Then I tried a starter account around Cataclysm so I could sneer and go "BUT IT'S SO CAAASSUAL NOW" and y'know make myself feel good for liking the RIGHT kind of game instead of this.

Now that I'm actually playing it again, I'm having fun. They actually made things HAPPEN in zones, so there is plot and characters I can actually follow from quest to quest. Collecting pets and battling them is beautifully Pokemon-esqe. Stat inflation means I can outlevel and solo some dungeons when I'm working alone or duo up and completely overlevel-thrash them with the BF.

(I made a dwarf paladin, he made a gnome priest with the worst goddamn haircut I have ever seen. Then he made a hunter werewolf and I made a space goat who kicks people in the face. We've been alternating between these two. And I have a solo orc shaman because I'm completely in love with alternate characters.)

World of Warcraft.
I don't even fricking know, you guys. I can't fight these impulses when they happen. I can only ride them out.
At least this will only last a few months before I crash out and end up playing something else, right? That's good.
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Well, this was the Doomiest Doom there's been in quite some time. They didn't make a 1:1 replica of original Doom - instead of fighting in tight hallways and sprawling arenas, you mostly end up fighting in Quake-style stadiums. Often complete with inexplicable jumppads! - but that's okay. The jumppads are great. The fighting is great. The stadiums are great, the monsters are great, this is just straight-up great.

I mean, that's super-high praise from me. I love Doom. This is not the Doom I loved, but it's a Doom I could get to love.

Better mod support in the sequel, ID guys. Get that right next. Thanks.
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One of the major issues I'm experiencing lately is that I have -- as it is put in some circles -- become accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle and am experiencing some difficulties moving away from it. Usually people who say that are talking about money, though. I'm talking about a different, slightly compulsive behavior.

I haven't been doing a lot of gameblogging here because I haven't been playing very narrative-driven games lately. A couple weeks ago, though, I absently took a book off the bookshelf and read for a while, but I kept feeling weird and twitchy while I was doing it. I couldn't get wrapped up in the story at all. Tried watching some TV on Netflix, same thing. I kept wanting to just stop.

I think I figured it out though. I opened an eBook on the PC and let myself read, and found I was typing comments in a file next to the window.

I want to ANNOTATE it. I want to write my opinions in a column down the side of the page or something. I want to overlay a subtitle track of riffing on the movie I'm watching. I've tied "Experience Creative Media" so tightly to "Blog About It" I don't know if I -can- passively read a book anymore.

I guess the only thing for it is to download some eBook software that lets me write virtual footnotes/margin notes and just let myself hypertext the absolute high holy shit out of a novel or something. This is not really a problem I foresaw myself having.
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Uh this happened a while ago.
I've been kind of hermitlike and uncommunicative.
But, yay. I beat the loot grind game.
I'm still playing it. You can never really stop playing the loot grind game. Only move to a different form of it.
Because materialism I guess.
Anyway I'm alive, just... haven't wanted to say much.
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I really expected the "Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns" train to be rolling into the station right about now, and it still could. Of the 5 major questlines in the game, I've done all five. I've done a fair number of sidequests. My save is parked on day 7 of 13, waiting for me to get back there and play through to the ending and fight the last boss and find out if I've done well enough to BEAT the last boss. (If not, you get an item that lets you NG+ so you can bulk up and try again.)

So I really expected to be done with that and finished with all three Final Fantasy 13 games in one month.

Then a bunch of people started talking about Overwatch, which is a team-based competitive multiplayer shooter.
I don't play team-based competitive multiplayer shooters.
I don't like being on a team. I'm not competitive, and I'm pretty crap at shooting.
Also the hostile atmosphere usually fosters extreme tension, and in general it's a bad time for everyone on my team.

Then I watched a couple of shorts. Blizzard's character design department worked their ASS off on this thing. There are animated shorts, comics, there's gonna be a graphic novel, etc. I really hope they keep doing that. I hope there are little cheap spin-off games, like a platformer with zippy chrono-displacement girl Tracer or some kind of Metal Gear Rising business with cyberninja Genji.

Then I bought the game.
Then I played the game.
For sixteen straight hours.
In one night/day.

So uh I think I like Overwatch, you guys. It's eating up a fair bit of time for me. The internet is swirling with reactions to this thing, and I don't want to add my thoughts to the mix unless they're demanded, but I'm having a good time just dropping in, fucking around, and learning2play.

Uh. I will probably get back on FF13-3 ... eventually. I didn't mean to derail myself so hard.
I just... I just really like pushing the little cart. The cart is on rails, at least?
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So I wasn't entirely sold on the new Nancy Drew pilot, which would have her as a 30-year-old detective investigating (so it was RUMORED, I can't find a solid source) the death of Bess Marvin. That premise sounds... I don't know, it's a little bleak. I love my Power Trio, I don't want them hurt. Anyway.

Apparently CBS passed on it for 'skewing too female'.

It's Nancy. Fucking. Drew.
Nancy Drew skewing female is a GREAT THING. It means you got it RIGHT to some degree. Nancy Drew is a HEROINE. If you're passing on the show because too many girls like Nancy Drew I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE MAKING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Even if I'm not sure I would have liked it, SOMEBODY would have and I'm kinda pissed they won't get the chance to.
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Yay now I am a real furry again.

So, uhm. I give it a verdict of "schmaltzy but satisfyingly cheerful", which... y'know. Disney. It felt good. I enjoyed myself. Spoilers under the cut, mostly just things I wondered/observed.

Hop to it. )

We were going to watch Captain America: Civil War next, but I ran completely dry on social capital and started folding in half and feeling bitterly bland, so it was home instead. We'll catch that next time maybe.
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Oh man I kinda loved this.

I can't say much else without spoilers, and I don't have the energy to drop to spoilerspace but this felt good. Antithetical to everything Final Fantasy 13 was, mind you. Tutorials everywhere? Nah, barely explain things. Tight closed hallways? Open 'em up. Tight closed NARRATIVE? Open that up too, free-roam everywhere, optional side areas galore. Lots of objectives. Lots of options. Raise monsters!

I think I like... 95%'d this. I may keep prodding at it, seeing what else I can nibble away. There's just so much game here, and it's all so good... but I want to do 13-3 too. Then again, 13-3 is impossible to lose or fail at, so if I want challenge I'll have to have it right here and now.
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Greetings again from beautiful Vana'diel, where Xenosa has taken advantage of the new "mount things" initiative to get herself on Raptorback. Isn't he lovely? He's like a big blue sweetheart.

Does this mean I've gone back to Final Fantasy XI? Will my journalizing of that MMO continue? Ffffffffor now probably not, but they're doing a free week for all past players, so I at least decided to pop on, get myself a ticket to ride, see the sights... I hear they've made leveling EVEN EASIER now, so I could probably grind out enough levels to start doing interesting story stuff again...

...but right now, I'm neck and shoulders deep in Final Fantasy 13-2, and after that it'll be 13-3, and I kind of want to work on a different project of my own sometime before Gameageddon starts in August... (Style Savvy 3 for the 3DS comes out, then Final Fantasy 15, and then Pokemon Sun/Moon... I will be BUSY in the August-September-November perioid!)

That said, it felt nice to get back into Xenosa Xizee's chainmail shoes and clomp around a bit. Maybe someday, her story will finish playing through and she'll be the thieving magical heroine she wanted to be.

Until then, Xenosa. Until then.
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This was... well, a perfectly all right game! It's not in my top-five Final Fantasies, but it was serviceable even if the plot kinda disintegrated towards the end.

It's clear (and on record) that this game had a really troubled production though. I'm not sure I really want to dig too deep into what made this game work or not work, but I really do feel like as usual, the characters were the heart of this thing and I'm glad they're okay.

That said, I've heard a variety things about the next pair of games in the series. That they squander the returning cast, that they're better as "games" but not as "stories", that things wander off and around and in spirals before drifting into the power of friendship literally saving the day in 13-3.

I'll be finding out for myself soon, as my quest to play through this subtrilogy continues!


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