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My first replay! Kind of. I bought the three Skylanders games I already own for the PS3, because my Wii U copies of Giants and Swap Force have some issues (used eBay purchases aren't pristine, who knew) and I'd rather have them all on one system (they were spread across Wii U and 360 before).

I love these little toys still, even if I haven't yet bought into Trap Team (which does its damndest to invalidate your collection) and Superchargers (which is a racing game primarily I understand). Still, if I can pick up someone else's used collections of those games or something, I may.

I sadly had to break my streak of Perfect Dragoning Spyro-related games, because... well. It's difficult to say what counts as perfect running a Skylanders game.

Let's take the first one as an example:
Get the achievements/trophies? (Doable with just the starter-pack Skylanders). Three-star every level? (Need 7.) Collect every figure? (32, with cosmetic variants, some of which are quite rare, goodbye wallet.) Do every Heroic Challenge (32 of them) with every figure (also 32 of them)? And of course the toyline expands with every game, with more and more goals and more figures to collect and...

No, I'm not a Perfect Portal Master. I am a happy one, though.

Oh. Also we'll be moving throughout the month of October. I may be sparser.
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Another hidden object game, this one published by Artifex Mundi. They always seem to put out the hidden object games closest to a traditional point-and-click adventure: Lots of puzzles, very plot-heavy, etc. Indeed, this particular hidden object game was completed without doing any hidden object scenes at ALL. Instead, you can play a nice round of shangai solitaire/mahjong-tile matching and bypass the hidden object stuff entirely.

Which goes to show that genres are awfully flexible things, doesn't it?
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A trilogy of short (45 minutes to an hour each) RPGs about a wandering con-man and his adopted daughter, a dragoness who feeds on lies.

I'm sorry, Steam, can you sell me a ladder? I need help reaching the HIGH CONCEPT shelf where this one's stored... okay there we go. I say they're RPGs but even that's somewhat inaccurate. There's "combat", but it's pretty easy, particularly if you rustle around. Every one of the games has some equipment upgrades that are super-ridiculously-overpowered (get a guide) so you can just handwave the combat away as a narrative concern and focus on the story.

The story is pretty good. A little confusing at first, but they're like miniature mysteries: Get dropped in, figure out what's going on, solve the "case", the end.

These are of course Japanese. If the Japanese narrative style grates on you, don't buy these. But I thought this was worth my time and I was correct.
Minor spoiler here... )
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So, "The Crew" was free on the Ubisoft store and I was like "eh why not, free is free". It's some sort of always-online car racing thing and they appear to have attached a plot to it. I sent some IMs to a friend about the plot, and their reaction made me decide to preserve them here. So:

BEGIN IM BARRAGE. Warning - Obscene. )
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Two each of very similar games.

Pink Hour, Pink Heaven: Cute free miniature advertisement-games for a game called Kero Blaster. I gather in that one you play as a frog who shoots things. In the Pink games, you play as a pick secretarial blob that shoots things instead. Which was fun. These were not terribly complex and only lasted a little while. There was an unlockable hard mode which utterly destroyed me within a minute of start but might be tuned just perfect for someone better than I am.

Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection - Two hidden-object games revolving around the damage a crazed ice witch can do to a community. Hidden object games are all functionally very similar, but they're where a good hunk of the DNA of modern point-and-click adventures has branched off to and I have a strange fondness for them that I really don't feel a need to justify. I feel too painfully burned out and exhausted to play much of anything "serious", so quite likely this is what I'll be doing for a while. Happily we have a hell of a lot of these, and I'm almost surely going to eat through the stack like popcorn.
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When I was younger, Super Pitfall was one of my favorite games. A huge sprawling labyrinth of secrets, I found something new and interesting every time I played, whether it was a completely different world with zombies in trenchcoats, a way to unlock a strange door, a diamond, or a weird sunny place.

I never beat it, though. I didn't know about the continue code, and it did have issues, like all the items being invisible unless you jumped in just the right place. Still, it was a real favorite.

The Internet's louder voices in gaming considers this game somewhere around the level of "I might wipe my ass with this if it was the only object in my house not on fire."

Every game has a fandom. In this game, it was Brazilians and others with the "Phantom" NES-clone. They played the game, they enjoyed the game, and a couple of them made new graphics for the game, did new music tracks, touched up the jump physics and added an autosave.

Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition let me FINALLY beat this game. Maybe I didn't beat it the pure way, but I don't know if I really care after all these years. Besides, this way was more fun.
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When I'm just blankly looking between a game window and a blank Notepad++ page for like two hours, it's time to call it. I'm weirdly exhausted lately and just not into posting about this game. I dunno if it's the screenshots, something to do with me, wanting to play something else... I got nothin', but I mean... I REALLY GOT NOTHING. Nothing to post.

So I'm taking a break and maybe (not sure, we'll see) canceling the thing and I'm just going to go back to working on playing games instead of doing 2000 words a night on them.
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We were out getting chinese food and checking for local used bookstores...

Woof: "I don't think that one bookstore EXISTS anymore actually. It looks like just a haunted house or something there now."
Sqrl: "Can we go in the haunted house and get ghost books?"
Woof: " you mean books about ghosts, or the ghost OF books?"
Sqrl: "Can it be both? And they'll just all say OooOOOooooOoo..."
Woof: "And we'll never know who they're by, because they're all ghostwritten."
*long silence*
Sqrl: "That... that was amazing. I love you so much."
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I'm really starting to feel "video-heavy detail-oriented adventure game" may have been the wrong way to go for a playthrough. I'm gonna try this: Fewer screenshots, more summing-up, a little more breezy and less every-detail-oriented. Otherwise we are gonna be at this thing until Christmas and while I love GK2 and consider it my favorite of the series I do NOT want to be writing about one game that long.

SO. Last time, Gabe made Greatface.png at a policeman and got turned away, gathered some wolfy evidence, and stopped by the zoo. Let's pick up there.
(Today's update spanned from 22:00 to 44:35 of the NintendoComplete Gabriel Knight 2 playthrough. ... that's 22 minutes? I guess that's an improvement.)
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Just a quick detour back into the world of Style Savvy for a moment, because my god...

So... So that's FOR REAL all of Style Savvy I'm posting, but I had to share this jaw-dropping "wow wait for real" moment.
Back to GK2 soon, it's rather exhausting to make a post a day! Might have to slow down on that.
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I can barely believe I'm finally getting around to this playthrough. I've been meaning to get writing on GK2 since around October last year. There's probably a lot I could say, but it's going to come up during gameplay or not be important anyway so let's just get moving.

When we last left Gabriel Knight, he'd barely started his adventure...
NEXT UPDATE: We look around the zoo properly.

(Today's update spanned from 10:00 to 22:00 of the NintendoComplete Gabriel Knight 2 playthrough and oh my god I promise we'll eventually start getting more than ten minutes of playtime per update or my life will become LITERALLY HELL. Also, if y'all need me to transcribe any of the letters, I can probably do that.)
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Welcome back to the bleak and endless twilight where humans walk in shadow and unseen things stalk behind them. I am your host: a neon pink squirrel. Are you seated comfortably? Are you alone? ... Are you sure? Good. Good.

I want you to cast your mind back. Back further. Back into the icy mists of Feburary 2014, when I last plunged you all into following the adventures of Gabriel Knight, Shattenjager.

For we residents of the sanctuary of light it has been quite some time, but for Gabriel and his assistant/underpaid summer help Grace Nakimura it has been only a year since he learned a bit more about voodoo than he desired. Yet darkness never slumbers long, and Gabriel is pledged to fight the darkness, and Grace is pledged to make fun of Gabriel mostly because wow he needs to have his stupid ego puctured now and then and...

Okay I can't keep that up.

I'm playing Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within.

Join me, won't you?
NEXT TIME: We actually play Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within.

(This gameblog entry covered timecodes 0:00 to 9:59 of the NintendoComplete Beast Within playthrough.)
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This happens to me every single summer, but I'm always surprised by it: I have been falling asleep way too often to put together an update. Even as I type these words I feel a heavy cloak fall across me and I tilt to one side, eyes closed and mouth open in a yawn. Whoever said hiberation was for the winter only? I'm active and alert in the winter.

Anyway, last time on SS:FF, basically this happened because it is time to have a contest and I was just plain not prepared. However now that an outfit's been assembled for myself and one for my close competition, it's time to hold a fashion show. (I thought this was supposed to be a blind thing, though? Maybe I misread.)

So that's what we do! )
That's where I'm thinking of leaving off blogwise. We've seen the core gameplay loop of Style Savvy, we've seen some of the weird and wacky and wonderful interactions. We've become Queen Ozma of Cute Mountain and we've invigorated the town into a love of clothing. I'll probably keep giving little mini-updates, or more if there's great demand... but at this point, if you love what you've seen and you have a 3DS, pick the game up and give it a try! There's a whole world of new ideas waiting for you.

And if you're ever in Beaumonde, look me up...

...I'd love to see you around.
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Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened except to Callie. I still haven't seen Callie since that point. I'll let you all know if she pops up again because that's a bit concerning.
But we have other things to do. )
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Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened but in clothing form. Also there were roses and peppermint tea and a dude who stepped straight off the cover of a 1997 edutainment CD-ROM. I'm explictly not here to make fun of anything or anyone, but Tarquin tested that resolve sorely.

I also want to talk for a moment about structure. I'm pretty sure this game does have an ending/credits. I'm not sure how to trigger them. I know there are future unlockable careers (we have like, one of five unlocked) but I'm not sure how to trigger those. I know there are lots of events, but... you get the picture.

There may be in future posts a lot of skimming, or I may just at some point go "Okay, y'know what? This is thirty bucks on Amazon, do y'all have a 3DS?" and wave my hands and drop out of blogging it. Not from disinterest, god no, but because I'm kinda microdocumenting everything JUST IN CASE it's important and I kinda want to just lay around and BINGE the game nonstop. Kinda wish this had multiple save slots.

Consider this the extended-trial narrative demo version. We'll see if we make it to the credits, I -want- to make it to the credits, but I wish to explictly make no promises.

Anyway back to work. )
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Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened and also we experimented with a perfectly normal dollhouse.
Let's dive in. )
So... I guess that's... that's our goal for next time.
This game ain't never gonna get normal, is it?
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I promised a part two "later today", huh. I guess I didn't meet that deadline, for a number of reasons. On the other hand, I can report that Goldeneye Source is pretty good even if it is multiplayer-only. With that said...

Last time on SS:FF, basically this happened. (You have no idea how hard I looked for a version with video. Sigh.) Then we went home and chilled out for a while. Let's get back to actually doin' stuff, huh?
Things get weirder. )
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So I ran into a slight problem with the opening of Style Savvy: Fashion Forward -- It doesn't give you your camera right away. This means I can't get any screenshots of the opening of the game and boy howdy did I want to get screenshots of the opening because this game starts off kind of insane. Once I was finished flopping around in panic mode and decided not to call off the gameblog because of this, I looked for some solutions.

Instead of screenshotting a Youtube video, I've decided to just link one right here in case you want a visual version of what I'm typing, or if you can't believe what I'm saying is real and require actual video proof. It doesn't cover everything we're doing here today but it is enough to give you the gist. (it's ALSO not my video. I am not NintenDaan but I respect his good work.)

The MOMENT the camera becomes available in-game I will be using it extensively. Until then, please bear with me(RAAAAARRR BEAR WITH ME) in this time of heavy text.

Are you ready?
Excellent. Let's embrace magic.
Clicky. )
See you later today for part two!
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God what a fantastic game.

I had other stuff I wanted to say. The localization being not QUITE Working Designs, but firmly in that spirit. The way the game is absolutely on-point, on-theme and on-message with every single character conveying their element of the overarching theme of the game. The light, charming Game Arts characters and plot suddenly taking an extreme dip into super-dark, and then back up and out the other side via the power of anime.

In the end though it boils down to: What a fantastic game. I don't know where I got the impression I was burned completely out on JRPGs. I needed this in my life.

Style Savvy posts will start shortly, I hope. Please look forward to it.


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